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Cinema4D for Architects

In architecture, you use steel and stone as a foundation for your creativity. Selling people on a vision can be a challenge.

Hosein Parsinejad


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Voronoi Fracture

Create an endless variety of realistic-looking stone pavements and rock patterns using Voronoi Fracturing, or define a precise pattern using custom sources for the fractured object. Thanks to detailing, displacements can be added to the edges of fractured objects, adding a whole new level of realism to your renders.

With a wide variety of advanced effects, the Cinema 4D's real-time viewport can be used to output preview renders directly for client approval or even as final output within just a few minutes.

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Hosein Parsinejad


63 $ / session

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Cinema 4D’s MoGraph toolset makes it easy to quickly generate thousands of copies of objects that can also be put into motion, and much more – whether you’re filling a stadium with 80,000 spectators or covering rolling hills with absolutely realistic-looking flora.

MoGraph not only distributes the elements automatically but also uses render instances to make sure that the forest you just generated won’t bring your computer to its knees.

Cinema 4D offers an easy to understand and powerful material system that allows for endless variety. The Color Variation shader is especially suitable to automate the creation of realistic-looking scenes where differently-colored rocks, stone slabs, individually-colored leaves, etc. Make all the difference between a typical render or a realistic-looking image while actually decreasing the complexity of your scene file. A single shader can drive all the complexity of the color variation found in the real world.

The non-destructible Polygon Reduction tool works as a generator, allowing you to quickly reduce the complexity of assets with high poly counts while providing control over areas where detail should be preserved. Your benefits? Increased viewport performance, faster render times and decreased memory usage with almost negligible impact to the render quality.

Save time by turning photographs into 3D animations. Whether you want to quickly show the changes of a renovated building (additional windows, added sections), work on a landscaping project or create a compelling animated background of a cityscape, Projection Man has you covered. The tool allows you to project photographs onto simplistic 3D geometry, a technique that has allowed Hollywood to create movie backdrops that cannot be distinguished from reality. Projection Man gives you access to the same technology while working with familiar programs such as Adobe Photoshop.


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