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The New Life-Cloud & Townsend Books And Lessons On Leadership And Life

My ol' bosses deliver some of best books on life and leadership. Read them and they will help change your life & leadership!

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Boundaries For Leaders

by Henry Cloud, Ph.D

“Why some people get results and others don’t”


Leadership Beyond Reason

by John Townsend, Ph.D

“How great leaders succeed by harnessing the power of their values, feelings, and intuition"


Nine Things a Leader Must Do

by Henry Cloud, Ph D

“How to go to the next level – and take others with



Making Small Groups Work: What Every Small Group Leader Needs To Know

by Henry Cloud, Ph.D. & John Townsend Ph.D.

“How to support growth in small groups”


Necessary Endings

by Henry Cloud Ph.D.

“Relationships that we all have to give up to move forward."


The Power Of The Other

by John Townsend Ph.D.

“The startling effect that other people have on you and what to do about it”


Handling Difficult People

by John Townsend Ph.D.

“Responses to those who push our buttons”


Integrity: The Courage

To Meet The Demands Of Reality

by Henry Cloud Ph.D.

“How 6 Essential qualities determine your success in business”


Boundaries: Face to Face

by John Townsend

“How to have that difficult conversation you’ve been avoiding”


People Fuel

by John Townsend

“Energy for us to live, love, and lead well.”

These seminars below are from Cloud & Townsend's Ultimate Leadership Series #1 and #2, which includes topics that are practical, relevant, and applicable.

You can access these podcast seminars by searching for  Cloud-Townsend Resources – RightNow Media  or at All material can done as seminars or MaterMind groups

  1. Ultimate Leadership
  2. Defining Yourself As A Leader
  3. Boundaries In Leadership and more....

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