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How to Arrange Your Bedroom for a Good Night's Sleep

Create a beautiful atmosphere in your bedroom with these feng shui tips. A supportive environment helps you be the best version of yourself, and go for your goals!

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You spend a lot of time snoozing in your bedroom. You might not remember much from your sleeping hours, yet creating a restful atmosphere with feng shui means you spring out of bed in the morning with lots of energy for the day ahead.

Your Bedroom is your Sanctuary

In ancient times, cavemen and cavewomen, as the name implies liked to return to the cave to rest after a hectic day of hunting and gathering. A cave was a safe place because if the opening was closed or blocked then intruders would not disturb the cave dwellers. Maybe, one of the tribe watched the entrance whilst his friends slept?

In your bedroom, you want to create a cave-like space, to feel safe and protected when you’re in the vulnerable state of being asleep. How? I hear you ask. Have a bedroom door which closes firmly and close the door when you sleep. Cover the windows with heavy curtains to block out the light. You want to feel cosy.

A bedroom which does not have a lot of open floor space is cosier than having a bed in a large room with hardly any furniture.

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Life Coach

209 $ / session

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Four poster beds in palaces and country mansions are often found in vast halls, yet the curtains of the bed when drawn create, you figured it out, a cave like space. In the olden days before central heating the curtains provide protection from draughts and kept the area within the four posts warm and cosy.

You don’t need to have a four poster bed to create a peaceful and romantic atmosphere. Are you imagining a caveman dragging a cavewoman back to the cave? More on that later…

Headboard for Feng Shui Bedroom

If you were to imagine you were settling down for the night in a cave, you would want to have your head against the wall of a cave so that you would rest with the assurance that a bear or other animal would not creep up behind you as you dreamed the night away. Ironic isn’t it that teddy bears are often bedtime companions?

If your bed is against a window, you could feel draughts which could disturb your sleep. Heavy curtains and a sturdy headboard will help. Sleep against a solid wall when you have a choice.

Having a solid headboard or solid wall behind your head is a fundamental feng shui principle. You can check your bed at home and you’ll be able to easily put this right if you need to.

In this picture, there’s a lot of open floor space. More importantly the windows don’t have blinds or curtains, so the light can stream in and wake the person up. The circular window behind the head also disrupts the feeling of having a solid support behind you. This room might be quite attractive in appearance, yet it’s not a supportive environment for getting rest. Sloping ceilings are not recommended over the bed.

What if you’re sleeping with a solid headboard and you’re not sleeping well. A touch of insomnia? Not all solid walls are created equal when it comes to feng shui. Walls which have water pipes behind them, for instance on a shared wall with a bathroom, are not supportive of rest and well-being. Move your headboard along the wall so there's no moving water on the wall behind you.

Something else to note about the wall you sleep against. When your house or flat (apartment) was built the enclosed space of the dwelling captured some subtle energy patterns. To put it simply, your house has personality (did you know that?) and different traits of that personality are found hanging onto different walls in your house. How do you figure out which wall has what sort of personality? This is where the flying stars come in. Flying stars is an advanced Feng Shui technique used by professional Feng Shui consultants. Even without the Flying Stars you can apply some Feng Shui tips yourself to your own home. Feng Shui is a lifelong study, and we’re not going to have enough time to cover all the possibilities for the different types of wall in this article. We will give you some easy and simple tips that you can do yourself at home. Remember that if you hire a professional to ask if they use the flying stars.  

Let’s have a quick recap:

You want to place your bed against a solid wall and have a headboard. You want your bedroom to not have too much open space. If you’re lucky enough to have a large house with large bedrooms, you can make your sleeping space cosier by putting in some more pieces of furniture. If you’ve already got wardrobe, chest of drawers and dressing table you can add some other types of furniture. An armchair or sofa? A gorgeous linen chest? A small table to go with the seating? A free-standing bookshelf?

Soft fabrics and cushions give a bedroom a warm relaxed feel. To make the space conducive to rest and relaxation avoid a lot of bright strong colours, imagine the colours of traffic lights, you wouldn’t want to have those sorts of colours on a whole wall.  Hard angular shapes are not suited for bedrooms and bright lights. Muted, soft colours on the walls and soft furnishings. If you’re wondering about the best colours for your bedding and curtains we’re back to the personality of the room and those flying stars, again. Without going into the full detail of flying stars in your bedroom, it’s a good idea to stick with a subdued colour scheme.

Mirrors in Bedrooms

A lot of feng shui books talk about not having mirrors in the bedroom. It’s acceptable to have a mirror in the bedroom as long as you don’t see your own reflection from the bed. Here’s a picture of an extreme example of where not to place a mirror. This picture is from a furniture store, you get the idea!

Why is this important? Mirrors reflect light, so your cosy cave is not so cosy if any light coming through the window or through the gaps around the door are reflected onto you whilst you’re snoozing away.

When you sleep your body is at rest and your soul is resting too. During different parts of your sleep cycle your soul might ‘wake up’ temporarily whilst your body is resting. If in one of these more alert moments your soul notices the reflection in the mirror, it makes your soul do a sort of double take and disturbs your sleep.

Plants and Flowers in Bedroom

Is the bedroom a good place for plants and flowers? Pot plants in soil want oxygen at night and it might not be such a good idea to have them share your sleeping space at night. Unless you want to move your pot plants out of your bedroom at bedtime and move them back in during the day, it would be simpler to keep them in another room. Fresh flowers in the right place attract new romance, there’s another article about that based on your Chinese Zodiac sign. A professional feng shui consultant can give you more detailed recommendations depending on the flying stars in your bedroom.

Feng Shui for Sexy Bedroom

What else do you do in bed apart from sleep? Read a book! What else? Make love. Maybe you’re thinking if you can get some Feng Shui tips on making your bedroom a more romantic space. You want to give your full attention to your beloved, so a tidy bedroom without lots of clutter means you won’t be distracted if you notice a pile of dirty laundry out of the corner of your eye. Remember to tidy up before you put on your sexy lingerie at bedtime. Romantic music and soft lighting creates the right sort of mood. Remember what I said about heavy curtains? Draw the curtains! If you have artwork in the bedroom, images of happy couples (human or cute animals) inspires feelings of being in love. Beauty is a fundamental principle in feng shui, so make sure all the things you keep in your most intimate room fill your heart with joy.

Feng Shui Lifestyle Checklist for Bedroom – these are your Do-it-Yourself tips you can do right now.

  1. Curtains which cover the window completely when drawn.
  2. Solid headboard or wall behind your sleeping head.
  3. Check the mirrors in your bedroom. If you can see your reflection whilst lying in bed, cover the mirror at night with a pashmina or scarf (this can be quite a sexy look too!)
  4. Is there a lot of open floorspace? Move some furniture from other rooms to make the bedroom feel cosier.
  5. Tidy up and remove stuff which doesn’t belong in the bedroom. Bills, paperwork, coffee cup from last week.
  6. What sort of artwork is there in your bedroom? How does it make you feel? Anything which doesn’t feel relaxed or romantic is better off moved to another room.
  7. Do you have any plants in your bedroom? Remember that plants compete with you for oxygen at night.

Questions to Ask a Professional Feng Shui Consultant about your Bedroom

  1. Does the Feng Shui Consultant use the flying stars feng shui? If the answer is no, find one that does. A professional Feng Shui Consultant using the flying stars offers you a lot more than the tips found in the Feng Shui Lifestyle Checklist for Bedroom.
  2. Where to place the bed?
  3. What colour and shape for the headboard?
  4. What colours for the bedding?
  5. Colour scheme for the walls, floors and curtains?
  6. Do you need to add a rug? Colour?
  7. Light fittings and lamps? Shape and colour?
  8. If you have more than one bedroom, which is the most suitable bedroom for you? And other family members living in your house?
  9. Where to place other furniture in the bedroom, such as wardrobe, chest of drawers, dressing table?
  10. Opening the windows?
  11. Pictures and artwork, are the colours and imagery suitable?
  12. Where to place fresh flowers to attract romance? Might be the bedroom or somewhere else?

Remember you need to have a good night's sleep to get rest and relaxation. You're busy and want to succeed so consider getting a feng shui consultation for your home and office to help to be the best version of yourself. It's like arranging your space to support you in getting what you want.  Secret help in your home and office to give you the edge!

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