As a high school senior, I've had the experience of meeting some great teachers and some not-so-great ones. What I have noticed is that I always exceeded in class when the teacher was available for help and truly encouraged me to succeed. Many teachers nowadays barely pay attention to the one-on-one that students crave, since they are so busy with so many other students. Teachers work seven to eight hours a day and many times, they reflect their mood upon the classes and students they are teaching. The best teachers are the ones you can count on that will help you get to the extra mile. I remember Algebra I being one of the hardest courses for me when I was a freshman. However, I was able to pass the class and ace it by getting extra help from my teacher after school. Unfortunately, many teachers do not offer after school or before school services. Math is not my strong suit, so as the next year came around, I needed help in Algebra II. My teacher was not disposed to helping me outside of class and I was really worried I would not pass the class. My parents were able to get me a wonderful online tutor that helped me succeed in math. I did sessions two times a week, and just with this help, I was able to ace that math class. This is the beauty of tutoring. Tutors are teachers too! And they are great ones! They may be behind the scenes, but often times many students rely on the support they get from outside sources. So how did I get here? One of my friends reccomended me to become a tutor for foreign language and humanities classes, since these are my strongsuits. I thought it was a great idea and since, I have been able to help kids ace their classes, just how I was helped ace mine.