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4 Ways to Use Faith to Set and Achieve Your Goals

Goal setting is one of those things that many people do but few follow. Here are 4 ways to set goals and achieve them.

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Goal setting is one of those things that many people do but few follow. It’s not enough to dream about your goals but you must write down your goals and you must document how you plan to accomplish those goals. Maybe setting goals is something new to you, or maybe you are not sure where to start or what is required to set and execute your goals. And maybe, you hesitate to set real goals in the first place because you’re trying to avoid any the F word - FAILURE.

If you are like so many people that consistently make and break their New Year’s resolutions or if you came out the gate running strong and then find your excitement fading only a couple of month into the year, then what you need is to set your goals with a lot of faith. Here are 4 ways to use faith to set and achieve your goals:

1. Spend Time in Prayer

If you’ve never worked on goal setting and if you are not sure what goals to set start with prayer. Most likely if you are already a women of faith, God has given you signals on the improvements that he knows are what you want to accomplish. And if you have goals that you already want to achieve and are not sure what steps to take, the best place for you to pray to God for confirmation and for what I call the download.

For example, each month I begin the month by creating my prayer request for the month and I have a prayer focus that I read throughout the month that helps me focus on my goals. I write my request in my plan, pray, prosper planner as I work on my goals.

2. Meditate Daily with Scripture

Meditation is a form of prayer that can allow you to become more aware of and reflect on the word of God. There is a difference between just reading scripture and meditating on it. With simply reading we absorb it with little reflection on its meaning and impact to our lives. Select scripture that you can memorize or find repeated ways to engage with and meditate on the same passage of scripture throughout the day.

Each week I mediate on the same scripture from my planner kit so I can focus on my faith and my goals. I am able to carry my scripture with me everywhere I go so it is available to me when I feel the need to go into prayer. When things get tough and it seems as if you are not getting further with your goals lean on scripture to get you through the day.

3. Get Comfortable with Failure

Our greatest fear is that of failure but when we lean on faith, we learn that failure is not something to fear. When you pray to God about eliminating your fears and you trust in the word of the Lord you know that all things are possible. Keep in mind that “…faith without work is dead…” (James 2:26), you have to create those small achievable task in your daily/weekly/monthly schedule that will get you closer to your goal. When you do it with faith you are getting even closer to God.

With big dreams come challenges and setbacks but with a faith and a positive mindset you can face failure with a new mindset. Allow yourself room for mistakes and learn from them. Ask God to show you why things didn’t go as you designed. Chances are they just weren’t in God’s plan for you. Be comfortable with God to allow failure to happen.

4. Find a Faithful Business Bestie

Entrepreneurship can be lonely, surrounding yourself with other entrepreneurs is important to your growth but select a friend that is faithful so that you can pray together. Your faithful business bestie will be there to pray with you about your goals and hold you accountable to achieving the things you say you want.

Bottom line your entrepreneur journey can be tough, but do not forgot that your faith can help you make it through the ups and downs as a work on accomplishing your goals. Remember to trust and lean on God when you are losing motivation.

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