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5 Signs You Need a Career Makeover

A recent study conducted says that 53% of Americans are currently unhappy with their work. Read this article to reveal the t

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I recently read an article on The Conference Board that stated 53% of Americans are currently unhappy with work. That’s an incredibly high percentage. Being a career coach, a common complaint I hear is the inability to keep up with one’s workload, or not feeling fulfilled at work.

These are some of the common signs that might indicate you need a career makeover.

    • A common human need is growth. If we are bored and not constantly learning, we often feel like we aren’t contributing as much as we want. Or even worse, we feel like we aren’t needed. Everyone feels great when they are needed in any situation.
    • Do you find that Sunday afternoon comes around and you are DREADING getting ready for the work week? Do you feel a pit in your chest or stomach that you have to go to “that place” again? IF so, RUN. Life is too short to be miserable 40 hours out of the week.
    • If you are in a job that doesn’t allow you to leverage your strengths, you might be doing yourself and the company you work for a disservice. If you are able to leverage your strengths, it will enable you to multiply your efforts significantly. It’s important to work in a job that allows you to highlight your strengths each day.
    • This is key. Does your company value the same things that you value? For example, do you value your work-life balance but the company doesn’t value your time off? Do you enjoy working in an office and most in the company work remotely? If you are feeling constant friction and don’t feel like you’re part of a family, it might not be the right culture fit for you.
    • If your work doesn’t provide more energy to you, you might not be doing things that actually interest you. Keep in mind that our passions can change throughout our life experiences. Do a self check and see if this is the case for you.


Let’s face it, changing careers or jobs is a hard decision. There are certain issues that can be addressed to lessen someone’s frustration in the workplace, but if you simply have outgrown your position and aren’t fulfilled, you might want to think a little deeper about if it’s time to move on.


A career makeover might not have to mean that you are changing careers or jobs. You might need to just give yourself a “outlook makeover” or even take on tasks within your job that light up your life.


Either way, I am here to help.


I can help you find the career of your dreams through my four-step system. Finding your dream career is all about aligning your work with your values, skills, and interests. Through career coaching, I will walk you through each exercise to make sure you know yourself and the right career choice.


Live well,


Suggested Topics

Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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