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Are you happy?

Are you happy? I've asked this question to myself one day. A question I was not able to answer at the time..

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Are you happy?

One day I asked myself was I  happy..just a random thought that came to my mind.. I then thought to myself, "you are happy for others, but are you happy for yourself?"..At that point I realized I had some personal home work to do..I was at a stage in my life where I was "happy" about the things and event's outside of myself. However, I didn't feel happy with my stage in life and within myself. I was beginning to feel like I was functioning, but not living and I had to make a change.

The Process to Happiness:

 During  my process, I had  to be honest with myself.. even brutality honest at times and delved into some heavy stuff, suppressed childhood issues, and the way I interacted with people and how did I come from being a Free Spirited child to this point in my life where I  felt like I was going through life but, not fully living life..In  limbo and going through the motions of of my life. So, instead of procrastinating or feeIing sorry for myself and wasting precious time. I took charge of  my life and jumped into action.

Taking Action:

I had to be honest with myself, I begin to make a list and write down everything I could change, not change or cope with, once I put the pro's and con's down on paper and I could see for myself what part of my life  needed  priority, not priority or leave it the same. 

Changing My Mindset:

I knew I had to learn a new positive way of thinking, instead of dwelling on negativity.. or worrying about what could possibly happen, I started  living in the moment, increasing my gratitude daily, encouraging myself more by having pep talks with myself..I would tell myself 'I'm going to get through this situation regardless of what it looks like," I got this! By also me  being an Intuitive Empath, since I was two (2) years old.Yes!  I pick up people's energy, so I had to also, learn to set boundaries with people and stick with my boundaries and spoke my Truth, when necessary, without guilt.


I went back to exercising,  yoga and meditation I put in the emotional, mental,  physical and spiritual work for my overall  well being. The more  my mindset  begin to change the more I felt better overall.

Peace Within:

I sat down one day and felt a calm feeling that came over me..I finally recognized the feeling..I was at peace. I Iearned to value my peace and maintain my peace.

Think Ahead:

Happiness truly is an inside job and a positive  life changing decision.. Storms of life come and go.. negativity, people with wrong intentions can also and will interrupt our lives if we don't use caution. When you make the decision to hold on  to your peace with an action plan for yourself and also, decide to maintain inspite of obstacles!  For, example thinking ahead.. Someone wants to be argumentive and instead of you going back and forth with the person, think ahead.. Instead of arguing your thought could be..Is this really necessary for me to argue with this person, while in the midst of a crisis?.. What value does this bring to my life at this moment.. Although, some of us choose to work on ourselves, some people are not willing to do the work to be at their best selves and are looking to project their confusion, anger and fear onto someone else.. I realize that everyone's not going to be in a field somewhere singing Julie Andrews, from "The Sound Of Music."and everyday may not be a "Happy Day".. However, when you know you have happiness (Joy).. it's like a super power that will help you ride through the storms in life.Currently, with the Canoravirus,lives lost and so much going on.. Make the decision to be good to yourself, stay beautiful and..Be happy..Why? Because, you can be!

 The world needs to see  more  people at peace within themselves.??

I was going to work one day and a young man spoke to me and said.."Miss, everytime I see you..You, smile even when you don't feel like smiling..And you make me feel like smiling too!" That was a priceless moment!

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