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Humanity Is At A Cross Roads

In 20/20 Humanity is at a crossroads towards one another between choosing to be kind or deliberately being cruel.

Eljeana Lee

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Humanity, is at a crossroads in 20/20 literally around the world. There are dire choices to be made, regarding the lives of Women,Men and Children, without room for error. It is up to each individual to make a choice to be a part of the solution during  this Coronavirus outbreak.

personally decided to be a part of the solution and that I would be a voice in continuing to reach out through social media and encourage others.

I started by posting positive stories of myself, sharing information, and talking about various topics that were uplifting and I must admit I told some jokes that were not related to Coronavirus.. but, made some laugh. I wanted to give people back some of their power for those that  may be feeling powerless. 

It was phenomenal to see even total strangers joining in after the the meeting..and writing positive comments

You, see in the word.. Humanity = Human(ity).  when we take off the ity.  In a world filled with chaos at times.. It's nice to make the choice of remaining Human.. Not, selfish,cruel or indifferent..But, Human..A choice. 

Choice Is Free.Use It Wisely.  ♥?

All the best,

Eljeana Lee,

Life Coach

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