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Which business operations should companies prioritize during the phases of reopening?

With the idea of reopening being at the forefront of every business owners mind, what should your business prioritize first

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  1. Every business that is in the process of reopening should be focusing on making health & safety their #1 priority. This means to employ any measures possible to ensure that both your customers and employees are comfortable with working for and supporting your business as patrons.
  2. Do not be afraid to reinvent your businesses model a bit to better accommodate the new way the world has been living. Adapting to online platforms such as Google Suite, Microsoft Teams and various eCommerce platforms & marketplaces will help you better communicate with your staff & better monetize your business.
  3. Focus on customer retention  & acquisition to reinvite existing customers as well as catch the eye of some new ones. Remember, making your customers feel safe and secure in conducting business with you is critical. So be sure when advertising you let them know the safety measures you are planning on taking to ensure their health is not at risk. This goes for employee acquisition as well. 

These are just a few basic guidelines to guarantee your business has the best chance at success. More to come, and good luck to all. Happy reopening!

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