So why would anyone want to just give up their day job and start freelancing? Well, money, sure. It's also the experience. I'll tell you, there really is nothing like trying to freelance all on your own. There's plenty of sites to get yourself familiar with the concept nowadays, but you have to be careful. Very careful.

The very first thing I ran into when freelancing were the scams. Oh yes, the oh so very clever mastermind manipulators of the internet. They're pretty good too. My first day on a freelancing site I was contacted by a man who claimed to run an art gallery. He wanted to pay me $300 a week to manage accounts and funds for the gallery. Considering my resume, I wasn't allarmed. I had worked in the field and was very eager to take on this role. He conducted an online interview, got contact information, set up a work schedule. It wasn't until a check came for me in the mail, a whopping $2400 that my "employer" then wanted me to deposit into my personal bank account and then send back to him in gift cards. Yup. Total scam. I wrote him off immediately. Maybe I was naive....No, I was definitely being naive, but I was new at this and really wanted to make some money. Oh well. Lesson learned. And that was only just the beginning.