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How To Attract Recruiters on LinkedIn

Five easy steps that you can follow in optimizing your LinkedIn profile to attract recruiters

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LinkedIn has a growing user base of 700 million. Many professionals used this platform for professional networking and career opportunities. With 30 million companies listed, it is understandable that 77% of the recruiters are on LinkedIn. This is the best avenue for them to quickly learn enough about a job seeker, and to see if they should be contacted for a particular job opening. Recruiters rely on this platform more than all other major social media networks combined.

If you've been job hunting for any length of time, you already know that searching for a job can sometimes be motivating, and sometimes it can be downright terrifying. Knowing how recruiters use the LinkedIn recruiter tool may shed some light on how to leverage LinkedIn in your own job search efforts.  Having a LinkedIn profile is not enough to attract recruiters. The real work starts by cutting through the presence of more than half a billion LinkedIn users. If you are serious about your job search, you have to know exactly how to get recruiters rolling in, and the best way to do that is by optimizing your LinkedIn profile. 

Here are the five easy steps that you can follow in optimizing your LinkedIn profile to attract recruiters:


1. Make sure that your LinkedIn profile is fully optimized from top to bottom

An outstanding LinkedIn profile is complete and optimized from the headline down to your interests. A catchy headline will help you distinguish yourself and to stand out from the rest. A succulent summary will help you further break down the goal or objective of your profile.  You should also include your work history or your past work experience, education, your accomplishments, any projects that you've worked on. Don’t forget to place a call-to-action  at the end of your About section. This will bring your entire profile together. 


2. Keywords

Everything on LinkedIn is searchable by keywords, so when a recruiter is looking to fill a position with a candidate, they will search for candidates on LinkedIn using career and industry-specific keywords. Ensure that your profile is fully optimized by including keywords in your headline, your summary, and throughout your work experience. This will make sure that you are searchable and that your profile comes up when a specific career or industry-related keyword is targeted by a recruiter.


3. Update your career interests section on LinkedIn

Go over to your LinkedIn profile > ME > Settings and Privacy.

Scroll to Job Seeking Preferences on the left hand side, and these are all the preferences that you want to review when you are updating your career interests. Ensure that the “open to be found by Recruiters” is toggled ON.


  • Job seeking preferences

 Once updated, you can now see that a new section has appeared on your profile and that's open to job opportunities. Recruiters can see directly on your profile that you are open to new opportunities. Edit these settings and add specific job titles that you want to be found for and remember keywords or key. You can put in as many job titles as you like.


  • Job Locations

What are the locations that you'd like to work in? You can add your current location or locations you wouldn’t mind moving to for work. 


  • Job types

Do you want a full-time contract or part-time position? 

Make sure that you check out your privacy settings and you customize it to what you feel is best. And then you click save!


4. Recommendations

Recommendations are a great way to boost your profile because you're allowing other people to speak on your character, your work ethic and the value that you have brought to other work environments or teams in the past. Ask your previous coworkers or supervisors, even professors to give you a recommendation. Social proof is powerful, so to get other people to speak on your work is a great way to really boost your profile and get noticed by Recruiters. 


5. Engage

It is not just enough to have a great LinkedIn profile in the front but to do nothing with it. You want to be constantly engaging on the LinkedIn platform, and there are four main ways that you could do this:


  • Join Groups

Groups are a great way to connect with people that have similar interests to you. Not only can you learn and share, you also have an opportunity to connect with people and build your professional network.


  • Write a post or an article

Writing a post or an article is a great way to set yourself up as a thought leader or even to share your opinion. It’s professional networking, so it’s great to share articles and posts. This also helps to showcase your expertise in a specific area.


  • Connect with people you know

Connecting with people that you know, both professionally and personally, but also expanding your network to connect with people that are in the same Career and industry as you, and with recruietrs and hiring managers from your dream/ideal companies. The more vast and broad your network, the better, but make sure that you build and you foster those relationships, too.


  • Interests

Interests can be people, groups and companies and a recruiter loves to see it if you are following the company that they work in. So if you have specific target companies, be sure that you are following them on LinkedIn because it will definitely give you some brownie points with recruiters.


Implement these tips to help you attract recruiters' attention when they are looking for new talent to join their company's teams. I hope this will connect you to more career opportunities too!


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