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LinkedIn Summary for Job Seekers to GET NOTICED

LinkedIn is a great way to stay on top of your career advancement and stay up to date with your professional connections.

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Your LinkedIn Summary (or ABOUT Section) is arguably the most important section of your LinkedIn Profile. With 2000 Characters available, it gives your reader a synopsis into who you are by answering three important questions: what, why, and how. What do you do? Why do you do it? and How you do it? It is also an opportunity for you to showcase your personality and hone in on your personal brand. Your LinkedIn profile is not as strict and as formal as your Resume, so this is a prime page real-estate to showcase your personality and your unique value proposition,. 

Here is My 5-Step Formula to creating a Compelling LinkedIn Summary:

1. Strong one line opening. 

This kicks off your summary with a bang and gives the reader a feel for who you are. It also entices them to read further. Some examples of how you could open your summary could be your favorite quote or mantra, your greatest achievement or skill that you have, or even a funny line. However, you decide to open your Summary, make sure that it showcases your personality and is something that you want your reader to know about you right off the bat.

Mine is "People are my passion, and impact is my purpose." I immediately want people to know when they read my summary that I am passionate about people and that I am determined to make an impact.

An example of an opening for a job seeker could be: “At age five I told my parents I wanted to be a football player. It seems the sport of business was the real game for me”

As you can see that already entices me to want to read further and to learn more about this person and what got them started in business. So, when you're thinking about creating your one-line opening, make sure that it's relatable to you, your life, your personality, and especially your story. Entice the reader to read further.

2. What you do. 

Here, you are going to tell your reader what it is that you do. You could explain what a day in the life or a day on the job is like, or what your career interests are if you are a job seeker.

Example from my profile: As a Career Strategist & Coach, I help people land their dream jobs and transition into their ideal careers every day. Talk about rewarding?

3. Why you do it. 

Why are you in that job or industry? What excites you about the work that you do? Why are you passionate about it? If you are a job seeker, why are you interested in going into that specific career or industry? Here is an opportunity for you to go deep into your passion, your desires, and even your future aspirations and goals. 

4. How you do it

How do you do what you do? Here is a great place to add your achievements, your key skills, and your specialties. Think about what makes you unique, and how are you different from another professional or job seeker? Now is a great time to add in bullet points or a list to break out your text. This also helps add depth to your summary.

5. A Call to Action.

Every great summary ends with a call to action. Here is where you tell your reader what steps you would like them to take after reading your profile. Is it that you want them to contact you about job opportunities in a specific field or interest, or connect with you if they’re also interested in the real estate industry, make sure that you add a good call to action so that your reader can take steps after reading your profile. 

Bonus tips:

  • Write like you speak, keep it conversational. 
  • Make sure that you include keywords that are career-specific and industry-specific as this will help to boost your profile and so you appear in searches. 
  • Be sure that you include some rich media in the form of pictures or videos as this could help showcase your work or who you are in a different light. 
  • Tell a story. Your readers will connect with you most if you are telling your story 

Your LinkedIn Summary gives readers great insight into who you are beyond just your work experience and skills. Take time to build out a great Summary using these 5 tips, in addition to enhancing your entire profile to make sure it aligns with your story and your personal brand.

Suggested Topics

Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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