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LinkedIn Headline for Job Seekers (Exact Formula & Examples!)

Optimize your LinkedIn profile and get employers flooding your inbox by creating an AWESOME LinkedIn headline.

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So you're a job seeker and you're not too sure what to put in your LinkedIn headline to actually get noticed.

In this video, you are going to learn how to create a crazy effective LinkedIn headline that's going to have employers coming to you. 

I want to reveal to you the exact formula that I use with my clients that can help you boost your LinkedIn profile, get more views, and get more opportunities. 

So why do you need an effective LinkedIn headline as a job seeker? If your LinkedIn profile is effective, that means more views to your profile and more views equals more potential for opportunities to come knocking at your door. Recruiters utilize LinkedIn, and they search for candidates just like you using keywords. And in order to actually come up when recruiters search for specific keywords in a certain career or industry, you have to have an effective headline.

What is a LinkedIn headline? Your LinkedIn headline is the text on your LinkedIn profile that comes just below your name. And it's the first thing that people see before they enter your full profile. With 120 characters of space for your LinkedIn headline, you want to be sure that you are utilizing it effectively. 

Now, remember, as I mentioned, everything on LinkedIn is searchable by keywords. So in order to be searchable, you have to have a good LinkedIn headline. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, there are two things that I want you to remember when you are writing your LinkedIn headline. The first is the keywords. 

Think about what do you want to be found for on LinkedIn? Make sure that it is career and industry specific. Do you want to be found as a product manager or as a digital marketing specialist, whatever that is, be sure that you are thinking about keywords that are and industry specific that you are going to utilize within your headline. And the second part of it, I want you to think about is how do you add value? You want to show within those 120 characters that you can add value. What results have you been able to obtain in the past? What makes you unique? What is your unique value proposition? These two things, keywords and value, are going to help you create a dynamic LinkedIn headline that's going to increase your views. 

So here is the formula that you are gonna use to build your LinkedIn headline: 

Your job title/target job title | your specialization | passion or a result.


 Are you ready to see this formula in action? Here are some examples. 

Digital marketer is the target job title, Google ads, Facebook ads. PPC is this person's specialization. And their result is I help companies 10 X their marketing spend and scale. So you can see they utilized the target job title as in, they would like to be a digital marketer. That's the role that they want to be found for, or that they will start applying for jobs for their specialization.

So what is it within digital marketing that they specialize in? They said, Google ads, Facebook ads, PPC, and notice that these are industry specific. They are career specific. These words are specifically related to digital marketing. And then I help companies 10X their marketing spend and scale is this person's result. So if you hire them as a digital marketer, they are going to help the company 10X their marketing spend and scale. Let's look at another example. Top ranking sales rep, tech sales, outbound sales, over $5 million generated. So as you can see here, they've added more than just the three sections that we mentioned with 120 characters of real estate. I want you to utilize it. So feel free to add more keywords. They wrote top ranking sales rep. So sales rep is their target job title, and also their current job title. Tech sales is their specialization.

So what is it within, you know, sales that they specialize in this presence specializes in tech sales. They also specialize in outbound sales versus inbound sales. And as you can see here, these are very specific keywords that are related to sales and results. So what is a result that they've been able to generate within this field already over $5 million generated. So when somebody sees their profile and when somebody comes across their profile, they're going to see that this person is a top ranking sales person. They focus on technology, sales, outbound sales, and a result that they have been able to achieve throughout their career is over $5 million generated. Let's look at one more example. The target job title here is human resource manager. This is what this person wants to be found for. So when a recruiter is searching on LinkedIn human resource manager, this person's profile is going to come up. 15 plus years of people experience that is their specialization, right?

They specialize in people, increasing employee retention and boosting culture is what this person is passionate about. And you can see throughout all three of these examples, they've utilized the vertical lines to separate their keywords. It's also very much visually appealing. They've focused on keywords that are career and industry specific. They've utilized the target job title words that are industry-specific, the specialization, and either their passion or result that they've either generated in the past or that they can bring to a future company. Remember those two things that you have to think about when generating your LinkedIn headline? It's number one, to make sure that it is keyword heavy and number two, to make sure that it shows value. So when an employer or potential recruiter comes across your profile, you want them to know exactly how you can add value to a future role.

And so to recap, how to make an outstanding LinkedIn headline that is going to get you seen, be sure that you are using keywords that are related to your career and industry and show how you can add value to a potential employer with 120 characters of prime real estate on your LinkedIn profile. Do not miss out on this step. And especially please do not use seeking new opportunities. You can do much better than that. Your LinkedIn profile is just one piece of a larger puzzle on the journey towards landing your dream job. I want to help you get all the help that you need to take those steps. So I want you to download my free guide, the stand out candidates toolkit in this guide, I lay out steps and strategies to help you be a standout candidate to stand out from the masses of job seekers, get noticed and especially get hired. A link to the free download is in the description of this video. If you found this video helpful, give it a like don't forget to, to my channel for more valuable tips for job seekers, comments, any questions that you have related to your LinkedIn headline in this video, I'll be in the comments to answer them and I will see you next time. Bye bye.




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