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5 Mistakes That May Be Costing You A Job Offer

Tips on how to ace that job offer.

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Are you frustrated with the job application process? Have you applied to many, many jobs and heard nothing back?

A statistic from Glassdoor stated that


For every job posting an average of 250 people apply, 5-6 get called in for an interview, and only 1 get the job offer.

So, how do you become that 1?

Here are 5 mistakes that you could be making that are hindering you from being among the 5-6 that get called in for an interview, and the 1 that gets the job:


1. Using 1 resume to apply to multiple jobs


This is a common mistake made by many job seekers where you use one standard resume to apply to many jobs. I made this mistake early in my career too. You think that if you can send your resume out enough times, it is bound to be found or noticed by somebody. The truth is that employers have to weave through hundreds of applications and they are looking for opportunities to filter out as many candidates as possibleYour job is to make sure you stand out. You can do this by tailoring your resume to match the job description. Use keywords in the job description in your resume and show that you are a good fit for what the company is looking for!


2. Not including a cover letter or not addressing your cover letter specifically to the hiring manager


Another common mistake is not including a cover letter with your application or if you do include one addressing it using "To Whom It May Concern" instead of "Dear Mr/Ms. [Name of Hiring Manager]." Your resume shows that your qualifications and work experience are in line with what they want in a candidate, but your cover letter gives you an opportunity to introduce yourself and explain why you applied for the job, why you are a great candidate to consider, and your motivations to support it. It can show your personality and display how you are a good cultural fit for the company as well.


3. Not doing your research on the company


Not doing your research on the company you are applying to before you apply can cost you the job offer in many ways. You will almost always get asked (either over the phone or in the interview) what you know about the company. If you have not done your research and struggle to answer that question you immediately eliminate yourself as a candidate. It shows you did not take time to research, that you are not interested in this job specifically but rather any job, and it shows your lack of preparedness.


4. Not following instructions given by the hiring manager


If the job description tells you to complete the online application as well as send your resume and cover letter to the hiring manager's email, by not doing so (no matter how great of a candidate you are) you immediately pull yourself out of the race. Remember - hiring managers want to weave out as many people as possible. They want to weave out chancers and those that do not really care to follow instructions. By following instructions you are already putting yourself steps ahead of the rest.


5. Not following up


Ever heard the saying "out of sight, out of mind?" This rings true when you do not follow-up on your application! If you submitted your resume, cover letter, and online application this week, reach out to the hiring manager again in a week's time to make sure that your application was well received. It is also a way to further express your interest in the job, and for an opportunity to discuss your candidacy further.

If you have made any of these mistakes in your job application process I recommend fixing them before continuing on. They will help you stand out as a candidate, put you steps ahead of the rest and help you become one of the 5-6 interviewees that could potentially turn into a job offer.

All the best!


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