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How to raise your energy and manage the lockdown

Let's keep us emotionally safe! What can we do during this lockdown? This is my list, how about yours?

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As a freelancer, I used to work from home in pijama as well as I do now.
Was that a kind of lockdown too? Some will say NO, because I was free, but this word made me think about so many aspects of our lives where we were in a lockdown without even knowing. 
However, beeing unable to choose or to go out as we wish can be extremely difficult, especially for extroverted people.
Regardless of how this caught us: alone, in two, with a big familly around, with a friend, in a city or country side, by the sea or in the mountains, young or old, I think we should be grateful of what we have now because we have food, internet, a chance to talk with family and friends as that's a lot to be grateful for. 
It is important to stay home to quickly overcome Covid19 spread.
As well is very important that we keep our energy up, our brain happy so to recover from shock or panic, to remain optimistic and see the bright side of things.
I want to share with you what helps me enormously.
I stay away from fake news getting information from official sources only and not from social networks as there you may find complete lack of empathy, misinformation and judgment sometimes. 
I feel my brain relaxed a lot without the negativity around there.
In this period I consider a program to make some home workout, set my own pace, and stick to it.
You can have daily online programs, and many other varied workouts on Youtube. I find it essential that we workout, stay constantly hydrated and try to eat as little junk food and sugar.
Sport in isolation is essential, whether you did it before or not, because it helps both our body and brain.
Try yoga and meditation, even if you do not trust or believe that it is not for you. Anyway you have free time now so I do not think you lose anything if you try it. 
Do not consider meditation something impossible. For some may not work initially, especially with all the family around, but try maybe in the morning and evening, switching off your telephone, finding a comfortable place where to close your eyes and just over 10 minutes focus on your breathing and be present in your moment.
Maybe you can download a guided meditation app or search one on  the website if you're a beginner as it will help your balance and mood.
Find all sorts of online activities that require your attention,like cooking, drawing, teaching, learning or whatever.
At least an hour a day get up out of bed or office and be connected to that activity.
Personally, I read, I meditate, I exercise whilst cleaning the house, I reorganize clothing and books, I study, I listen music and every day I do something different or new.  Is the ideal time to order all kinds of books you wanted to read, to start an online course to develop your abilities, to go back to what you would like someday to do but never had time.
Give yourself a daily pampering moment. And I do not mean a cake, but something better than that. You can sit in the bathtub with foam, scented oils, lighted candle and do all kinds of face masks, hair or hands, or by the fireplace and look out of the window with a glass of wine in hand and nice music background enjoying the moment. 
For ladies I recommend from time to time some make-up and to wear a sexy dress, whether you're with your partner or alone. It will remind you that we remain feminine even in crisis situation.
Stay connected with friends and family and talk to them by phone or Skype.
You can dine with friends online, so you convince your brain that you are not alone and there is no need to panic because you take the  Social dose required.
Help the less fortunate with a donation or a discussion to be able to overcome fear and if you can, do shopping for those who can not. Every gesture counts now and Covid19 could be our chance to become more human, to learn that we receive a lot and that only together we can get through this difficult situation.
Look at all the movies, TV series and concerts possible to give yourself a better and safer reality for at least few hours, it will help your brain to create a better reality to live in.
Stay safe and happy, protect yourself and others, be kind and focus on the good side, all this will end soon. 

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