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Keep your brain healthy!

Be positive and help your brain to generate positive thoughts by assimilation of good experiences.

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Are we perfect? Think how many times do we ask us and others to be. How many times do we expect from us to do a lot and too much, just because we think that's how we demonstrate how good and capable we are. 

It's actually a trap, because identifying ourselves with identity standards that are not ours makes us to think and act like that. We will desperately search for acceptance untill we will realize that the most important human to accept ourselves it's us. 

Your life could get better once you will understand that you need to do something to change the way you think and live. In order to get RESULTS, you need to ACT!

When starting and looking for answers, this response is very important: the mind is shaped by things over which you pay attention. It takes the brain to program our happiness, and that we can do trough positive experiences that meets our needs of critical safety, satisfaction and relationship.

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Alina Spinu

Life Coach

90 $ / session

  • 4 Publications
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For example with the aid of HEAL technique (H - hear, E - empathize, A - act L - love) you can assimilate rich and positive experiences and even eliminate negativity from your life, by reframing your perspective. 

Repeated mental/neural activity bring lasting changes in neural structure: the so-called experience-dependent neuroplasticity. This means you can use your mind to convince your brain to produce beneficial changes in your mindset.

About inner strength

The inner strenght and powers include: peace, contentment, love, strength, confidence, determination, discernment etc.

This helps to deal with difficult things in life. All mental activity - perceptions and sounds, joy and sorrow - is based on fundamental neural activity. The easiest way to increase the state of happiness and develop new inner power is to keep in your mind these states of positive experiences because they become neural. What you need to do is to assimilate the good things: to enable a positive experience and to install it in your brain.

Studies show that talks about the positive experience intensify it. And with as two or more people who share a common positive experience, the feelings of empathy network will multiply and causing a chain reaction. 

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