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Anthony Robbins: every decision in your life is controlled by your values and beliefs.

The first step in creating the life you desire is recognising the power of your beliefs.

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It's your beliefs that shape your decisions, actions and destiny.

It is very important to know yourself and to understand that your background dictates who you are. The beliefs and values you have are the one to lead your life decisions. 

In order to stop and blame yourself or anyone else, take a look and analyse who you really are? Which is your background? How was your education and how the values you have reached you? Do you agree with all your family or society beliefs? Some may feel confused or in conflict and will be unhappy with their life without reason apparently. This is the reason actually, that what you think and what you believe it may be different at some point.

I have founded Our Smart Space as a virtual intelligent environment where to meet like minded people. I adore to communicate with people and learn each day something from every person during my online consultation, counseling or coaching session. 

I did struggle a lot with my background origins and beliefs and coaching was really heplfull for me to fix this and reframe my thoughts in order to get a pozitive mindset. What was really helpfull for me were my values as love, care, self awarness, honesty and emotonal inteligence. Becoming aware of my beliefs had a huge impact on my life and that is why I want to let anyone know how important is to know yourself first, because only then you can live your own life and not one dictated by others or by wrong beliefs. 

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