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Get More Clients By Telling Your Unique Story

An introduction to why modern branding is all about telling a simple story.

Cornelis Blokland

Business Coach

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Have you ever looked at another business or individual and wondered why they're getting so much attention?

Sure, they might be good at what they do but for some reason they seem to be cutting through the noise better and attracting clients or customers with ease compared to others.

You might think some people just have that special something that draws people in. It's seems easy for them and not something you can easily emulate.

That's not true though. You and your business have a unique perspective that perfectly matches your ideal customers. 

In practical terms, think about the core reasons that propel your career and business, the particular circumstances that caused you to take the path you did or that sparked the idea bedhing your enterprise. 

Condense this to two or three sentences, a sort of elevator pitch that doesn't need to convey everything at once but causes people to want to find out more. Once they start asking questions you can provide more details and see if they match your criteria for a customer.

I can coach you through the process of discovering the brand values that will propel you past your competitors. Practical exercises and coaching after which you'll know how to describe yourself or your business, what to post on social media or how to write everything from emails to sales letters.

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