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Leaders need to manage their organization with thorough operational visibility and an accurate grasp of inter-dependencies

BJ Jhaveri

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The Business Framework comprises of these key elements: 

Client Acquisition & Relationship Management

Business leaders need to be responsive to each client’s unique requirements and manage the quality & efficiency within each engagement. They need to have a precise understanding of their client’s needs in order to fulfill and further expand the profitable segments of their portfolio. For gaining new clients and cross-selling to existing clients, they must have a rich contextual insight on identifying & evaluating opportunities and coordinating action-steps for prioritization and pursuit. 

Talent Acquisition & Performance Management

An organization’s competency depends on its ability to attract, hire, retain, and motivate talented professionals. Business leaders have to balance the needs of the company viz. engagement profitability with the requirements of the individual viz. interesting work. Delivering on commitments and building the firm’s brand image depends on recruiting & investing in distinctive expertise, and assigning them to the best matching engagements.

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BJ Jhaveri

Business coach

150 $ / session

Planning & Execution

Meticulous planning and execution with phased milestones are critical for predictable, repeatable, and profitable engagements. Business leaders need to provide expertise and knowledge across the entire organization in order to drive operational consistency & optimize delivery. They need to constantly monitor and re-calibrate on who will work on what; and when & how the work will be done.

Financial Metrics & Control

Business leaders need to focus on managing costs & optimizing the skills employed. To achieve margin expectations, they need to control rate discounting during price negotiations and manage employee compensation expectations. Furthermore, they need to scrutinize projects and initiatives in greater depth, analyze profitability, manage costs, and shorten revenue cycles.

A holistic and integrated approach

In order to scale up to a higher business maturity and performance threshold, business leaders need an approach that seamlessly integrates all the above key elements. They need to find ways to breakdown silos, foster communication and make it simpler to leverage human capital assets. In order to drive improvements in business performance, leaders need to cultivate trusted relationships with clients, as well as connect changes in client demand with matching competency and capacity. Additionally, they need to facilitate collaboration among a diverse talent pool that spans geographic distances and cultures. By using a holistic approach based on integrated processes and engaging culture, business leaders can optimize resource performance, streamline operations, and ensure profitable & sustained growth. The strength of an organization’s competency combined with a persistent commitment to deliver is a winning combination.

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