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Depression and how it feels and what can we do to help ourselves and others.

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Firstly I would like to say thank you for taking your time to read this it truely means the world to me. 


What is depression?

There is no one way to answer this because no one person feels or acts in the same way, although we do all share the loneliness and feeling down and worthless, depression is a mental state of mind which we have no control over. 

I grew up with my two brothers one older and one younger and just over four years ago my youngest brother was sadly taken away from us with no answer or reason behind it, and this was when my depression started. The impact this had on my shaped my life, I began not going out anymore, I stopped all communication with friends and family I even lost my house and my car though it all and heavy in debt. 

I didn't know what to do or even how to stop the hurt the pain and the pure sadness that had joined my life, I attempted to take my own life on two occasions and failed. 

The turning point in my life was when I went to see my GP and discussed it all, i opened up and explained my day to day life and then I was diagnosed with depression and given tablets to help me. The tablets I received helped my mood/feelings as I could no longer feel then but it was down to me to be more active and social.


I began by going for a 1 hour walk everyday which cleared my mind and actually made me feel good even for a short period of time then the progression naturally came, within weeks I was playing football with friends again and going out for meals. 

Im not saying this will work for everyone but when your feeling down you have to get and ask for help there is no shame in asking at all! Then you have to take baby steps and start pulling your life back togther.


I have been in the darkest places of my life and now I have come though it and changed my life style to help those with mental health illness and put a smile back on their face. 

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