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Time to Be Real with Yourself Pt. 1

Being completely honest with ourselves can be frightening! But with the right tools, you can grow to be real with yourself!

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What happens when well-intended people speak well-intended words, even when the words aren't actually true? Put another way, sometimes people say what they hope to be true, before there is truth embedded deep within their character. Being real, some say, may be the intent, but being real can be painful. This is because facing the facts is not easy when the person being real is the one that needs to change. The good, the bad and the ugly all make up Being Real.

When living on the outskirts of our lives, it is easy to avoid the truth. For those who live in the middle of their lives, a formal introduction is inevitable. Courage is then required since at this level, truth engages the emotions. At this deeper level of life, one takes their next steps in the evolution of meaning. This requires being real, real honest that is, until every uncomfortable notion is faced. For some, it's time to take that next step. What's your next step? Whatever it is, let's be real, and start the journey.

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In the course, "A Formal Introduction to the Real YOU" clients discover the hidden jewels as well as how to dislodge the unwanted issues that live like weeds in our soul. You are invited to take the course, and make the change, to be the You, you've always wanted to be!

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