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The Purpose of Being You

You are no mistake, in fact, you won the race against millions of potential advocates who tried to reach the egg! You did...

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The Purpose of Being You


Too many people look for their worth outside of themselves. Like the weather, many persons find themselves changing with the latest forecast. This should not be. Change begins on the inside, or at least it should. This, of course, supposes that self-sabotage is not underway. You’re not doing that to yourself, right? Below, are 3 important reasons why your being is of purpose.


  1. Being you is by design.
  2. Being you is by necessity.
  3. Being you is by purpose.


Being you by design is supported by the idea that you are no mistake. Some estimate that between 200,000,000 and 600,000,000 sperm cells were in a race before you were conceived. You won the race! There is no way you can discount that you came here as no mistake. You don’t luck up and win a race that big. Think about it. You don’t have anywhere close to that many competitors walking the planet trying to beat you to your best life. By those odds, you are born a winner. Let’s settle that once and for all.


Being you by necessity is the next reasonable occurrence because to win with those odds necessitates that a purpose is attached to your conception. Consider this. You, nor I knew we were swimming! Neither of us is aware of who was beside us, in front of us, or behind us. We just kept swimming. It is conceivable that we received help to win because something about us, something within us, required victory so that life could begin. This help brought us together. You had to arrive here because you are a person of multiple purposes, some of them will be revealed when the sessions begin.


Being you is by purpose. You are not supposed to be someone else. You are supposed to, be you! You may look, feel, or sound weird to someone else, but is being you a design flaw? No, it is unique, but only as known by the designer. Some of us as consumers have consumed the wrong insights from other consumers who are fighting their design potential at the expense of yours. In plain terms, if people who are themselves designed, get their ques from someone other than the manufacturer, it is likely that life is being lived using the wrong instructions. There are many ways to find your design potential. Just look at your body. There are no less than 8 obvious clues that spell out the Purpose of Being You. If you think you already know, it’s 3 times deeper than you might think.

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