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Your Body of Purpose

Ever looked for something that was right under your nose? That's what will happen when you find your body of purpose.

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Your Body of Purpose


So, the days keep going huh? We just celebrated Christmas and a New Year, and Valentine’s Day is a few weeks away! Before long many will be caught up in March Madness, the celebrating of anniversaries, birthdays and springtime. There is no way to slow down this fast-moving train because all roads are leading to the new becoming old, the old becoming new and the repeat of the cycle.


So, what should we be doing since we are on such a serious timetable? The answer is simple. Find your purpose and walk in it. We cannot afford to keep living paycheck to paycheck, from crisis to crisis and in denial of the urgency of the times. It’s not difficult to find your purpose. It’s everywhere. The 8 most obvious areas of our purpose are actually easy to overlook because they are part of our body. Whatever we do with these 8 portals to our soul tells us a lot about what is happening with us and our purpose.


  1. Eyes
  2. Ears
  3. Nose
  4. Mouth
  5. Head/mind
  6. Hands
  7. Reproductive organs
  8. Feet


Ask yourself a question about each of these access points to see if you are living in your purpose.


  1. “What do I look at and does it make me better?”
  2. “What do I listen to and does it move my life forward?” 3.
  3. “Have I been ignoring the smell of a bad relationship or do I ignore what smells foul in my life?”
  4. “Do I speak the truth in love, or use my mouth to complain about others?
  5. “What issues occupy my mind?”
  6. “Do solutions enter my mind first or do problems?”
  7. “Are my hands holding the right people, do I touch the right opportunities?”
  8. “Have I cleaned my hands lately?”
  9. “Is my reproductive organ connected to a covenant relationship or to free agency?”
  10. “Are my feet taking me to the right or wrong places, to the right people or to the wrong relationships?”


Women usually understand these principles faster than do guys because of the intuitive nature of females. And it’s the intuitive side that purpose that has the greatest weight. Women ‘feel’ and men ‘see’, as the basis for positioning where feelings and sight are

placed. This essential towards being in purpose. Outside of the mind, which can take us places beyond our physical location, the body can’t be out of purpose unless our feet transport us into errors in purpose. Errors in purpose are necessary to keep us on track when feelings or sight leads our body into zones of stress.


Purpose is not a one-time event. Your purpose is multifaceted, multidimensional and has degrees. Degrees of purpose runs deep in every part of your life, soul, and body. Your body is a purpose making machine, which means you can stay in your purpose by going where you should go, engaging with the right people and connecting to the right opportunities. If deception is introduced over extended periods of time, purpose making struggles to correct errors in purpose because lies become accepted as normal. To stay out of this type of stress be honest. Listen to your body. It’s talking to you through symptoms. By aligning yourself with purpose, you destress.

This week, this month, this year, use your body wisely. Eat-in purpose. Exercise in purpose. Sleep in purpose and live in purpose. You’ll discover that your life’s BIG purpose will release to you all the clues you need to avoid wasting time, trying to find one BIG purpose.

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