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Captives of Ignorance

Captives of Ignorance need not remain stuck without solutions. These notes will provide your steps to break free.

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Ignorance is described as a lack of knowledge or information which means everyone is ignorant about something.  Fortunately no one is required to know everything. Aren’t you glad? Yet, when it comes to understanding your own design, and your own potential it stands to reason that each of us understands our tendencies and capabilities. 

Think about it. What is your routine and what are you capable of becoming? Do you press your limits or do the routines keep your capacity at bay? For most people, we find ourself repeating the same patterns over and over. Consider ignorance as the culprit and awareness is the solution.

I coach people to get out of the trap they create because of ignorance using awareness as a tool. Awareness is the first milestone of purpose. The second milestone illuminates all available resources. The third milestone is responsibility.  I had to realize myself that I was responsible for change. In culture and in business Change always seems to be for the other person when in fact change must first occur within. 

Here are a few simple ways to avoid being a Captive of Ignorance. 

1. Stop wasting time, blaming other people especially the ones from your past.

2. Choose three goals that can be easily accomplished as early as today.

3. Have a meeting with yourself and answer this question.

 Why am I here? Spiritually Culturally, Economically and Relationally.

4. Write your answers in a notebook. Do your best to provide 5 reasons for each category. This initial list will give you 20 reasons to read daily to help you break free for the Captivity of Ignorance. 

5. Expand your answers from 5 in each category to 25 for each category, giving you a total of 100 reasons to change. 

This exercise will free you from being a Captive of Ignorance and help you build the structural integrity of your personal purpose.   

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