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How to let go and receive

The true feeling of allowing things to flow is learning how to let go.

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Is every decision you make shaping your future?

For the longest time I was indecisive about EVERYTHING! Even down to what socks I should wear. It was silly really, but I knew it was because I was unsure about myself, and who I was. I realized what was happening with my indecisiveness was bigger than choosing my silly socks that day. 

My decision making epiphany happened just recently lease renewal came to my door, and again decision time, I was grinding my teeth as I peeled open the envelope, almost peeking inside with one eye I knew I had to make a decision to either stay or move. Well, for a long time now I have wanted to move, for many reasons, but mainly because I want more for myself. And my neighbors were literally making me pull my hair out with the shenanigans they were pulling. 

It was TIME, So what was holding me back?

These were the things running through my pretty yet complicated little mind. 

  1. Omg more money (comfort zone alert!)
  2. Location (where do I really want to live?)
  3. It's easy just to stay (comfort zone alert!)
  4. I have two months to find a place! AHH! "Can I really do this?" says the ego, "Well hell yes", replied my true self.


Ya see, most of the anxiety around moving was caused by my ego trying to convince me to stay. Now let me take a moment to talk about the ego. I had a real encounter with him, (I think it's a he, "ego" sounds like a male, but hey! it could be anything you want it to be), so I was lying in bed that night after I got my renewal notice, and asked the question "should I move?" I know when I am in a quiet place that is when I can truly hear and feel my intuition, so I got a feeling of anxiety with a bout of excitement. Then I asked "should I stay?" and there was this deep feeling of anxiety with a dull pain in my stomach. So I knew which one was the right decision, it was to move. BUT did you notice how both times I got anxiety, my ego was trying to throw me off, but I'm smarter than that.




The ego is really just trying to protect us from anything harmful that could happen in this big change you are making. I just imagine the ego as this worried little cartoon character, and that helps me to realize it's not real, yes it is apart of me, but it's not who I truly am. So when he comes up, what I do is I thank 'spike the hedgehog' for looking after me, and I reassure him that I will be ok.

The reason why it's so hard to make major decisions

What happens is most of us don't like to feel uncomfortable right? And when an uncomfortable feeling within comes up, the easy choice is to step away from that feeling, hence not do that thing you are asking about. The ego does not like change, even if it is and will be the best thing for you. 

So when you sit with the question for a moment instead of running from the feeling, you will be able to tell what feeling is coming from the ego and which one is coming from the heart. Now the heart will also steer you away from what you think you want, and it's because there is something better in store for  you. 

Another way to make a decision, is to ask yourself, what will make me the happiest?

Staying in the place I am currently living in would only hinder me and cause me more stress. And what is the point of having a home? Its to have a comfortable place to go to, a sanctuary if you will, to get away from chaos right? 

As I mentioned before, my neighbors were being consistently annoying, so the way I look at things like that, is that its a sign, its a call to make changes, and pushing me out of my nest to spread my wings and fly to a new and better nest. 

So do I have a place already lined up for me to move into in two months? No. Am I scared? YES. But in a good way if that makes any sense. I have a good feeling everything will come together at exactly the right time, as I know the universe has my back. I also know its the RIGHT decision so why wouldn't it work out, am I right? 

When you are called to do something, when that call to take action is coming from deep within and you take that inspired action, the universe, or god, or whomever you believe in, says way to go and moves mountains to make this new path open up for you. But it is ultimately your decision, you can either delay your true purpose further by listening to the ego, or you can make the decision to take charge of your dreams by going for what you want and listening to your heart. 

I used to let life happen to me, and now I am painting my own picture of my life with every decision I make.

I used to let life happen to me, and now I am painting my own picture of my life with every decision I make. When you decide you are going to do or have something and there is no doubt in your mind, everything you need to make that happen will come to you. The first step is believing you can have it. By literally using the affirmation: "I can have that!"

So to sum it up, I am making the decision to move into a new place in the next couple of months, yippie! And it is because I listened to that tiny little voice in my heart, who always knows whats best for me. And I didn't listen to societies way of logically making decisions, like having everything in place before you make a decision. I even worked through not listening to the ego named 'spike the hedgehog' and through those steps I got my answer. Now its time to pack!

What tactics do you use when you have a tough decision to make?

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