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Is Mediation Right For You?

Discover the benefits of using a Certified Mediatior for your divorce and family issues. Low cost solutions can be yours.

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Is hiring a Mediator right for your family issues? The answer is absolutely! Many people don't know exactly what a family mediator does.

A professional Family Mediator provides you with a safe and private environment outside of a courtroom to discuss possible solutions for your individual family's needs.

It is a low cost non-court room option that can save you thousands of dollars in legal fee’s and provide you and your family common sense solutions that may not be identified or expressed in a courtroom setting.

Qualified Mediators are becoming more in-demand, especially in these uncertain times. Technology provides this service to you from the comfort of your attorneys office or any conference room. The days of divorce courtroom procedures dragging into years of arguments are all but gone with the help of a Professional Mediator.

Most mediators have Paralegal backgrounds or Social Work experience, they aren’t licenced to practice law but, instead work in tandom with you and your attorney to find the best solutions for you. Mediators set the standard for a calm and balanced environment, aiming for a drama-free experience where all parties are free to express their needs and concerns towards a mutually satisfying agreement. 

How much does it cost? Many Mediators provide their services to you for as little as $100.00 per hour, some may also provide Notary services as well. 


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