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Your Feature is Safe

Drop your guard and relax

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Remind yourself to cast only positive thoughts in the future, design it with the feelings you have it this very moment. Forget your cares and worries about tomorow and focus on having peace today. Your present tranquility is the investment in your future that yields beautiful returns. 

Today you will receive reassurance from The Universe: You will receive only what you can handle. You are protected all the time, moving forward into what lies ahead. 

Drop your guard and allow yourself to relax with the knowledge that your future is as bright as you wish. Commit to hold your thoughts at a the very clear, high energy level of love. The Universe will embrace this feelings and share it with you. 

Surrounded by the ove of The Universe you will be assisted to trade in frightening thoughts for one's that make you feel happy and safe. In order to receive the real connection, you'll need to allow the help in your heart. The best way to do it is with your breath, so please inhale all of the loving energy around you, and draw it into your core, give yourself a hug and exhale away and exhale away any bed feelings. Keep calling upon the Universal peace until you feel calm and secure about what's to come. 

Everything really is always okay. The more you know and feel this truth, the more you will experience it. It is safe for you to feel at peace now and in the future



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