Have you ever had a feeling  of being  stuck? Not, bored, depressed, undecided,  procrastination,  not  interested,  sad or giving  up..Just stuck, as the world seems  to still  go by, and you have  things  to catch up on, and in the midst of that..your  mind is racing  trying  to figure  out what comes next  and how  to get  that  whatever. It is done too! Breath! Sing, take a break! But, don't  break down! Walk away..temporarily  and Breath..There  is a rule called  90% of your  time taking  care of your  task  and 90% taking  a break  or distracting yourself  doing something  else, yet  not forgetting  about  working  on your  main project. This,  technique  gives your mind  time  to rest  and regroup, without  feeling so stuck, helpless  and still  haven't  accomplished  your goal, it actually  works! as I'm writing  this article..I  thought  I'd  try it out for  myself..I feel  refreshed lol! Wow! Alright  90% rule..You Rock!!