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Where You Supposed To Be?

Where Are You Supposed To Be.. Haven't you ever thought that before? Or wondered is this how my life turned out!

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WHERE  YOU Supposed  TO BE..

I  remember  saying  "where you supposed to be.." countless,  times as a teacher, to my students  who were in a high school, at the time. I  would find  some of the students  skipping  their classes, Some would  give straight  answers  and  tell me they were skipping class, other's would  ask.."Am I in trouble? Ms. Lee,  and I would  respond  no..get where you  supposed  to be.. Each one of the students  had two things in common, 1. )they were skipping  their  classes,  2). They were caught skipping 3).They  had a choice  to skip or not  4). 5). Tell the  truth or lie 6)Deal with  the consequences. I  always  gave a warning,  and a lecture  to the students  skipping or marched  them straight  to the office  if necessary. 

As a responsible  adult's  we have to make  choices  daily,  for  ourselves, and sometimes  for  others  as well." Adulting " as it is called  is not an easy  task,  because. whether  we feel  like Adulting,  the job has to be done  by who..Us, those  that knowingly or even unknowingly  signed up  for the task  of sometimes feeling like being  "everything  to  everybody  " can be exhausting,  sometimes  you must rest, take a break, reflect  even  on just where you are supposed  to be..Your dreams  are still  within  you it is up to us to pull them out and dust them  off and go for it!  Where are you supposed  to be? I found  out that most  people are angry  based on their  idea of what  they thought  their  life  was to be like..instead  of creating  the life they desire.  An, example  being in a  new mall trying  to find to find food  cort, but didn't  even stop to look at the map! Here are some  suggestions I created  and I found  myself  also doing. 

Write down, where learn  you  are at in your  life, whether it is career  wise, unemployed, not sure where you are at and need guidance  or at the point  of giving  up  and settling  for where you are yet want better,  but  don't  know  how to get there, and to sit down  with yourself  and be honest, with  yourself  and ask  where am I and  where  I need to be? Your  assignment  meant  first is to know..You Got this! get  in a place,  where you can focus,  and start  by remembering  at what point  you stopped wanting more for yourself , when did your  dreams  not become  your reality,  was it you,,other  people's  opinions?fear?..Paralyzes alot of people and  their  stories  write  it down all down  and look at what is really  keeping  you from  reaching  your goal(s), Get, up from  where you are at and ..Go for what you know..Why  not you? While, your on this Journey make sure to encourage  yourself  and  maintain a positive  mindset. Take it, step  by step  and before  you know  it you are  where you should  and want to be, stay focused  and keep going. It may  sometime, but your worth  it, and you will  be glad, you took, the first step  toward  your goals. So, step  out, there, get information,  ask those  they may have the answers  you need, to move forward,  but  don't  let that  or even  disappointment stop  you from  progressing forward, feelings and emotions  may come and go.. However,  don't  you sometimes  want to put, your  talent, art, music,  writing, something  that you created out there You, to have something  to say or do in this  world. We may never  know  who we may touch  with, our talent, calling, caring  and compassion  on our Journeys  and even who's  life we  may have touched, on our journey's, I'm  so glad  I overcame  my shyness and I'm  doing  what I love and  when, fear, anxiety  or shyness  tries to rise up..I do what  I have  passion  and desire  to do anyway. 

I'm  rooting for You!


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