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Social Media Marketing Tips for B2B Businesses B2B Social Media Tips

A B2B business model can be, for example, companies that provide digital content and presence to manufacturers...

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B2B is an expression translated as business to business and is used to define the interaction between manufacturers or producers whose clients are not individuals. A B2B business model can be, for example, companies that provide digital content and presence to manufacturers, either through blog entries, SEO services or social media marketing in order for them to attract their own clients.

This implies that the action focuses on the supplier of goods and services, and not on the end customer.

What is B2B and how is it different from B2C?

Therefore, B2B consists of the services that one company makes to another, designed to increase sales of goods or services.

B2C, meanwhile, also seeks to increase sales of the good or service of the company but the marketing efforts are made directly to reach the end customer.

So, there are 6 tips for a B2B social media marketing plan:

1.Rewards to Encourage the Appearance of Brand Ambassadors

82% of potential buyers seek recommendations and 74% say that word of mouth was a determining factor in their purchase decision. It is logical, therefore, to take into account a rewards campaign to retain customers and obtain prescribers of your brand and products.

While these types of rewards for brand loyalty are not new, the ways in which this practice can be implemented are changing rapidly.

2.Integration of Different Channels

Content marketing uses different channels to connect and communicate with customers (websitw, email, social networks, blog, video).

Integrating them in a B2B digital marketing plan will be essential to achieve the expected success, as well as knowing at what moment of the life cycle the user is at each moment (user journey).

3.Use Video: Youtube

Video has been experiencing its moment of glory for the last few years, and this is something that will not change any time soon. According to a study carried out by Google, YouTube is still the owner of this online format (with approximately 42 million daily visits).

And this is not all, in addition, YouTube has already become the second most important search engine for users around the world.

4.Instant Messaging

The growing use of messaging applications is also a proven fact.

According to the latest research of ‘Ofcom Communications Market’: “more than half of the total mobile audience used Facebook Messenger (61%) and half used WhatsApp (50%). The Snapchat mobile app had a reach of 28%, with 10.1 million unique visitors. “

Some big brands like IKEA or Amazon have been using these new communication channels with their clients for years, you can try them too for your B2B business communications.

5.Custom User Experience

Personalizing your customer’s experience is easier than ever and is accelerating rapidly through tools such as Hubspot and other solutions that help automate marketing. Use a mix of different social media platforms depending on your business model to provide better communication and experiences.

This is nothing more than to arrive with guarantees of success to your potential clients and offer them a totally unique experience tailored t their needs.

6.Marketing Based on Customer Loyalty

While the excitement of pursuing new accounts can be tempting, caring for existing customers is more rewarding and a more profitable way to increase revenue.

The first step to successfully execute a marketing strategy based on customer loyalty is to understand what your needs are and how you can satisfy them to improve the existing relationship. It is also key to know how to personalize the reward and maintain a regular contact by automating your B2B social media communications.

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