Your Relationship with a Career Coach is about Change

One thing is for sure that will happen in your career or job is Change

When you work with a Career Coach, it is a different kind of relationship as they want you to succeed in changing careers or jobs . A career coach will help you identify your strengths, your own uniqueness and help you strategize plans of action to meet your career goals. A career coach will motivate you to be adaptable for change management and guide you to be in control of change in your career. A career coach is authentic, sincere and truly interested in your career journey.

When working with a career coach, she or he is more than just a resume writer or mock interviewer, that person is your coach through all the obstacles you may face to reach your career goal that motivates you to go to work every day as you have identified your career goal.

Today, every generation from the Baby Boomers to the Gen Z do not have organizational loyalty as people are changing jobs and careers to have a better work – life balance. A career coach will provide professional advice and train you in your career journey regardless if your move is starting a new job after post-secondary, to a master’s program, to lateral moves or promotions to post retirement or a new career.

People want to work, enjoy life and choose jobs or careers that meet individual challenges and motivators to keep working that are aligned to their interests and personal responsibilities.

Often in career pathing, it is employee driven however it is now the responsibility of the employer to provide career development to their employees by encouraging new development of skills and give employees the opportunities to showcase their skills.

A career coach is a professional who gives you guidance to reach the next step seamlessly in your career progression to be successful. Are you ready for the next change in your career?

Mary Whitaker is a Career Coach at RITE Careers with 16 years’ experience. She has assisted many individuals in their career transition to their next employment opportunity. Check out her website for a complete description of all her services at





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