Who I am?

You can know me be better after reading it.

Recently, I get across a questionnaire that was made for coaches for a coach service company. This was the first one that I found really amusing, thus amazing. 

I highlight here some questions and my answers to get know me better. 


-  What do you think makes a great leader?

- The ability to implement thoughts that he realizes as true and relevant.

-  Crunchy tacos or soft tacos?

-  Beefsteak

- What is the best piece of advice you’ve received?

- Appreciate yourself.

- What do you value most in the world?

- Being informed and knowledgeable.

- What else should we know about you?

- I like people help to succeed in their life. I like telling the truth and use it as useful tool to get people rid of their problems and obstacles.

The questionnaire comes from this company: 




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