The Power of 'I Am'

We often use the words 'I Am' daily without much thought. But do you realise how powerful it really is?

How often do you use the words 'I Am' in your everyday life? You probably cannot put a figure on it because you often say it without thinking. 

But what if you took a moment to really think about the words you use after saying 'I Am'. Are they often positive words or negative words?

What you declare into the world with your words are so powerful. Whether you declare privately or out loud, any words that follow the words 'I am...', are declaring to the Universe what you are and you begin to create that which you have declared. 

Too often many say internally negative things following these two powerful words. This becomes a repetitive cycle and when a thought becomes repetitive, it becomes a belief and without you realising it, you start to believe the negative attribute that you have labeled yourself with and lose sense of your self-worth and become that person.

This is how powerful these words really are. 

But by reversing this and following up these words with something powerful and more positive, you begin to transform your beliefs and your life and as you start a new pattern of thinking with these words that begin to create a new you and a better outcome in life.

So be aware of what you say to yourself and to others when using these two powerful words. Set the intention to create something that feels good and transforms your life for the better and you will begin to see a positive change in your life.

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