Stress Eating

Are you a stress eater? Is your food intake bigger when you are under pressure due to your career, money or family pressure?

If you answered yes to the above questions, it is likely that you crave or overeat crispy snacks as potato crisps, popcorn and crackers. The crunchy texture it provides you a cathartic outlet for all the tension held in  your jaw. They act like punching bags. We take our tension and anger out with every crispy bite, the crunching sound is reassuring, reminding us of our power as we crush every single bite with our teeth. 

Think of an animal gnawing away at a bone, and you will have an accurate mental image of what ca craving for crunchy food is like. Whether you are craving a celery stick or crisps the reason is the same: there's a biological and psychological need to crunch and chew.

All animals including humans have a physiological need to chew a certain number of times daily. Try a bland soft diet and you will feel miserable. That's why most of us can't stick to cottage cheese, yogurt and slim shakes on a diet. Our teeth fill in full filled.

In addition to tension, we crave crunchy food. 

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