Standing at the edge of the Roof

We are gifted with this beautiful life and it`s just in our hands to make it blissful. Yes, in this road map of achieving success, we go through loads of bad situations, but the only way to come out of them, is to make up our mind to have it and do it.

Deepti P
15 April, 2019
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I was always asked about the one thing that keeps me from giving up when things don`t go my way.


I was asked this question multiple times by quite a few number of people. I don`t know why, but thanks to them, that I am able to share this with you today!


So! Yes, I breakdown, I have my depressed times, probably more often compared to others. In fact, we all have low times in our lives. "It`s common", "They are just mood swings" (And that`s what everybody says). We often fail to understand what these "times" can lead to, if not handled carefully.


I am neither a psychiatrist, nor a psychologist, but through small experiences, I have tried to interpret what exactly we do, when things do not go as planned. Most of us have felt unwanted somewhere (probably some still do, even today), with continuous bad events, we somewhere even lost hope (there are still few who don`t have any hope). At some point in life, we all have faced rejection (guess what, there are still few who crave for somebody`s affection), with all these happenings, some day we even forgot our identity, lost our own value, but, you know what, we STILL stood up, except for those "few". Instead of fighting against the odds, they choose to move few steps ahead and end themselves.


"They are cowards! They don`t know what life is! They don`t understand its value! They don`t think of their family, friends! They never deserved to live! Good they are gone!" ..... (Probably these are the words we speak, when we hear about them).


Few years back, I would have taken that last step too (like those "few"). Everything around me made me feel I was a disgrace to humanity. I completely lost the fundamental aspect of living. I wanted to end my survival. It`s not that I did not have people around me to talk to, I was in fact counselled to that extent that I felt whosoever was talking to me, was a failure too. (I don`t mean counselling is bad, but it didn`t work for me). Everybody around me tried to remind me of my worth. They told me I was a blessing and how much I meant to them. (But, to me, these words just didn`t make any sense because I DID NOT FEEL IT FROM WITHIN). I was so against life that, I ran up and stood at the edge of a multi-storey building to take that "final step".


I did not think of anybody at that moment. But, what I saw from the 9th floor made me the one narrating this to you, today!


A woman, carrying her baby in her arms, moving ahead from person to person, begging for few rupees to feed her little one. When she gets rejected by one, she moves to the next, and she keeps moving. But what is making her move with such confidence, who is giving her that hope. Didn`t she ever think of ending herself and her child?


(This is when I stepped back to find that "thing" in her which kept her moving ahead).


From then till now, all I have done was to find out that one thing it takes to get up when life knocks us down. It`s then I realized, whenever we fall, we ought to make sure to rise 10 steps above.


Let me tell you how...


Have you ever heard of the word "Emotion"? (Guess you have! Right?)

So, how does this work ? What is it ? - It`s an intense feeling towards someone/something.


We can usually measure emotion on a scale.

The Negative/Left Side - We call it HATE. The Positive/Right side - We call it LOVE (Clear! Right?)


Now, most of our lives, due to the external circumstances, we equate ourselves more commonly to the left hand side of the scale. As a result of which, we generate "Negative Emotions" (Feeling low, unwanted, disgraced, rejected, incompetent.........). We often rate ourselves with these taglines when we experience something very unusual.


From this, it`s very clear that "WE CAN GENERATE FEELINGS". (Normally, we generate positive, towards our loved one`s and mostly negative towards ourselves, when things flip).


So, let`s come to the question. What do I do when things flip ? - "I FLIP my emotions too" ..


And this is how I do it - When I know that I have tried my best for a situation to workout as planned, but it still takes an upturn, instead of pushing myself on the left side of the scale, I stop, take a deep breathe and slowly start walking to the right, feeling grateful for my efforts and pitiful for the situation to lose me.


(Probably, this is what that woman, carrying her child in her arms, DID).

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