Soul Ties (Dark Ties)

How Soul Ties affect us and how we can connect within ourselves to be Purified

Signs of a Soul Tie

1. Feeling Disconnected from yourself 

2. Feeling fear and Confusion 

3. Unexplained emotions 

4. Controlled 

5. The urge to connect and release for comfort 

How to connect within yourself to be purified? 

1. Start by practicing abstinence believe it it or not it will clear up these emotions and start cleansing you and detaching you slowly, being abstinent is actually very powerful so powerful that you slowly get back to the innocence you once had. 

2. Connect with your own body , mind and soul. Meditate. If you do not know how to watch a video or listen to therapeutic music to get you by during this transition 

3. Write! Keep busy. While you're trying to get out of a dark soul tie . Writing helps 

4. Repeat until feeling fully connected within 


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