Feeling anxious around others?

You could be suffering from social anxiety!

05 April, 2019

Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD), also called social phobia, is a common but under-diagnosed mental health condition affecting people across different age groups and cultures.

If you ever catch yourself saying, “I hate being around people,” you're expressing one of the signs right there.

A prominent feature of SAD is the fear of being evaluated negatively by others during an interaction.

Signs and symptoms of Social Anxiety Disorder

Physical signs you'll express if you have SAD include shaking, sweating, cracking voice and increased urge to use the toilet.

Behavioral symptoms include avoiding any interaction with others, leaving prematurely or keeping quiet during interactions.

How to overcome Social Anxiety

There are lots of ways to manage SAD, self-help strategies include employing relaxation techniques, aromatherapy and joining self-help forums.

Beta blockers can also be given to people with abnormal heart rates but the best form of therapy is Online Counseling and there are many reasons why this is so.

6 Reasons why Online Counseling for Social Anxiety Disorder works

1. Your Social Anxiety doesn't interfere with Therapy

If you have problems interacting with people in your life, it's possible you'd have the same problem with an in-person therapist.

Online Counseling provides you with the option to interact via messaging and video calls, whichever is least daunting for you.

2. It allows remote connection with a Therapist

Depending on your schedule, fitting in time with a Therapist will be too much for one day.

Online Therapy provides flexible options that work for both you and the Counselor, and there are not many in-person Therapists anyway, so distance could also be a barrier.

Online Counseling also shortens connection time so you won't be waiting weeks before getting an appointment.

3. It provides accessibility for those with physical limitations

In-person Therapy will require you to leave your home for your appointment.

This won't be an issue if you're mobile but if you're disabled or unable to leave your home due to other medical or psychological conditions, Online Counseling becomes the best option.

4. Convenience and affordability

There are several Therapists out there but very few have expertise with handling SAD. Social anxietypsychology isn't that mainstream. 

Online Counseling allows you to read reviews and testimonials from previous clients and even compare different Counselors before buying.

It's super affordable too; many insurance providers cover Online Therapy so you should check yours to confirm.

Since everything is online, things like reminders and follow-up will be automated so there's little work for you to do.

5. It deals with the social stigma

If you've been avoiding visiting the therapist because you don't want to be seen by people you know at the hospital, Online Counseling provides an anonymous alternative to that.

People don't need to know where you're always rushing to during your appointments, only you and the Therapist will know about these private matters. 

6. It's easy to track your progress

Your Counselor may set milestones to track progress and with the use of integrated software, provide reports monthly or quarterly.

Any sign of progress will motivate you to stick to the plan, that's why these online tools are important and that's how to beat social anxiety!

WikiExpert has Online Therapists that can help you with overcoming social anxiety through Online Counseling.

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