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It can happen to anyone. Emotional abuse is not the type of abuse that you can see physically, but it’s definitely one that can dramatically affect you. It can often be called psychological abuse and mental abuse.

Emotional abuse is a form of domestic violence that negatively affects the mental health of the victim. It can be directed against a partner, family member, or even a colleague. The victim of emotional abuse is groomed by the abuser to accept the abuse as normal behavior. They learn to think and accept that this treatment is what they deserve, thus why emotional abuse can make you think you’re crazy. 

Emotionally abusive relationships usually start by gaining the victim’s trust. Once they have that, this type of mental abuse begins with manipulation and control. Tactics of psychological abuse can be difficult to see or so subtle that you may not even realize you’re being manipulated and threatened. 

You might blame yourself or think you’re going crazy. It’s important to learn about emotional abuse and how to get on the right path to recovery.

Stop reasoning with the abuser 

When you’re in an emotionally abusive relationship, it’s important to stop reasoning with the abuser otherwise you can fall back into a vicious cycle. Instead of looking for a reason for the abuser’s outburst or trying to figure out what you did wrong, you need to disengage. 

The arguments will usually go in circles because the abuser won’t acknowledge your rationality. As stated earlier, this type of psychological abuse is difficult to catch. Start thinking about yourself and your mental well-being. 

Disengage with the psychological abuse as much as possible by:

  • Making yourself boring to the abuser.
  • Walk away from the situation.
  • Don’t react to the manipulation. 

Learn to trust yourself after emotional abuse

It can be difficult to trust your judgment and thoughts after experiencing mental abuse, especially when it causes secondary conditions that may also need to be addressed. These secondary conditions can include anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other stress-related health issues. 

Seek online counseling 

Upon discovering that you are involved in an emotionally abusive relationship, seek online counseling. Your Therapist can guide you towards the road of recovery by helping you through each and every step. The emotional abuse that you’re experience is real and you need to get the help required because you deserve to be happy. Hire an Online Therapist to get back on track and start living a happy, fulfilled life. 

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