Our life is manifestion of our thoughts

our life is manifestation of our thoughts. Every thought is like a seed which we sow in our mind and manifest in our lives

Amit Kumar
11 April

Wherever we are in life now we must have it in our thoughts before. As the saying goes everything happens twice in life, first in thoughts and second in reality. So thought is the starting point. Question is how it works 

Researcher says everyday we have around 65k thoughts out of which 95% are based on our subconscious level. Out of this 95 thoughts, 70% thoughts are negative and irrelevant. So lot of thoughts go on at our mind level and we are not aware of it. That’s why many of us don’t know how life is manifestation of our thoughts. We might think why someone would put seed as thoughts for lack of money, not having healthy relationship, not having healthy body or having low self esteem.

But it’s proven fact backed with science that you have thought about it that’s why it’s happening in life now. Also true in other way, you might have thought to become wealthy, healthy and having great relationships that’s why it became reality. 

How it works and what's the equation 

Our thought generates feelings (emotions) which is seen in our Attitude ( words) then we take Action it makes our Habit which defines our Character and finally it makes our destiny. So if we want to change our destiny we have to change our thoughts. To change our thoughts need to work on source of it. Three primary source for generating thoughts 

▶️ Information: Source of negative thoughts : news on print media, social media, gossip, clips or movies 

Corrective Action : meditation, affirmation, yoga, morning walk, exercise, healthy diet, read books, watch positive videos 

▶️ Past experience: It goes in loop and people often have it. If similar kind of incidence happens again past comes in flash back.

Corrective Action: Accept your past and move on. It happened the way it was suppose to happen no one can change it.

▶️ Belief system : This happens on Subconscious mind level which we are not aware, based on four major things money, health, relationships and self image. 

Corrective Action : Release old pattern and Develop new pattern 

Hope you find value 'in' it and wish you start working on your thoughts and create destiny of own choice. Thank you God 'and' bless you all 

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