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03 November

Tutoring is not a new concept. For centuries, students have sought knowledge from mentors and experts. During the Middle Ages, a time when education was a rarity for most, wealthy families hired tutors to teach their children. Times have changed. Tutoring, once accessible only to the wealthy, is now within reach for virtually everyone.


Online tutoring has paved the way for students of all ages and economic backgrounds to further their educations, improve test scores and better understand material from every subject. Thanks to the proliferation of connected devices in our digital age, it has never been easier to connect with the right tutor to help your child become more confident and succeed in school.


The global online tutoring market for K-12 students is growing at a rate of almost 13% per year, with new tutors offering their services every day. With the accessibility of connected devices comes greater freedom to meet online from anywhere, at any time.


The best news of all? Studies have shown that online education is just as effective as classroom learning, and it comes with several added benefits.

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