Notice Your Thoughts

Daily Guidance

Notice Your Thoughts

The Universe is able to guide you towards the answers to all your questions. Yet the Universe alone can't bring your desire to you, your cooperation is also completely necessary. If you ask for something but at the same time you are afraid of receiving it, The Universe can't bring it to you . Your fear creats barriers for the manifestation of your prayers.

Your body will tell you whenever you become afraid: your muscles will tighten , your breath will shorten, and your pulse will increse. This is the time to ask for help. The Moment you think about Universe, and Angels, your mind will be flooded with energy of love, which is part of the turnaround process. Notice your thoughts today. If you become afraid, think: Universe help me find my peaceful thoughts and you will recieve assistance immediateley. Universe can't and won't control your mind, however, it will elevate your energie so it will reflect your own inner pover. This way your thoughts become love based, atracting and creating positive experiences

Notice your own thoughts and engage in conversatio with THE UNIVERSE throughout the day, Ask and be able to recive help in keeping your intuition crystal clear and consistent . Welcome with open arms all desires and answered prayers.


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