Developing Students' Passion in Mathematics

Mathematics is one of the common subjects in school, college and university. Starting from  human daily life routine, Mathematics is used when we wake up in the morning. Like an alarm clock, it is represented by numbers. The amounts that kicthen ingredients should be measured and at work, different types of calculations are also used. Some students cannot relate Mathematics to their daily life and sometimes, they cannot imagine how to use Mathematics to solve the problems. It is also a good approach for the students to see how Mathematics work starting from their daily life.

The difference is the process that it does not take a long time as the students have to do it in the Mathematics classes or exams. The formula and equations have to be well understood for making the calculations and solving the problems. Additionally, there is a lot of students do not like this subject. To break this mentality, it can be done by approaching and showing  them that how Mathematics work based on the topics besides listening to their problems. Once they can start doing it, they can see that Mathematics is an interesting subject. This is how that they can create the pleasure in themselves. They have a chance to share their problem and understanding besides a space where they can show their works to the tutor or teacher.

For the Mathematics syllabuses, their problems have to be figured out from the basic knowledge. Based on the experiences, most of students got problem with the basic knowledge in Mathematics. The students should get an option for them to tell their problems and  they have a space how to do it based on their understanding. From here, the students can be guided from the beginning. Student is a human who keeps fighting with stress, depression and anxiety almost everyday. They have to be given a chance for sharing their problem because this can affect their reputation and performance at school or college.  By having this chance, they can start their day without hesitation and depression. They can focus on their studies and daily life activities with friends or parents.  

In my Mathematics classes, I also teach 'Japanese Multiplication Technique' that I got it from a journal. By using this technique, the students can easily do multiplication easily besides memorizing the multiplication table. This is also included in the Mathematics Game at the tutoring center. It is very helpful since the primary school students still have problem with multiplication. There are some other techniques have been shared with the students here to make the different types of calculations which involve measurement, addition, substraction, division and others.


'Success is a Process'



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