Is your child too shy to ask questions in class?

Online tutoring is the key to better grades!

26 July

Experiencing shyness in childhood and beyond is common and can be the result of multiple factors, but this tendency toward quietude may become challenging for parents when their child’s reserved behaviors begin to affect relationships and grades in school.

Perhaps your child’s school performance is lower than average, or maybe a sudden change in their educational environment has led to a downward slope in grades. You may be concerned to hear that your child has trouble keeping up with the material being taught but is afraid to ask for clarification before moving on.

If this sounds familiar to you, we’ve got the answer—online tutoring!

Online tutoring provides shyer children with the opportunity to learn and ask questions in a private environment, where fear of embarrassment or speaking in front of a group is diminished. Working with an Online Tutor may benefit shy children by:

Increasing confidence

In a comfortable, one-on-one environment with a private Tutor, young students can develop the skills they need to process course material and articulate questions out loud. This opportunity to practice asking questions, reinforce speaking up, and reward curiosity can make a huge difference in the way your child functions confidently in their classroom.

Providing time for ample questions

Seeking online services from a wide variety of capable Tutors means that you and your child can schedule as many sessions as you’d like, whenever you’d like. This is particularly beneficial for students who are embarrassed by their abundance of questions or who worry that they will hold up the class’s progress by asking for an explanation.

With an Online Tutor, there’s no limit to the questions your child can ask without fear of time constraints or judgment from their peers.

Improving their grades

With more time to clarify challenging topics and process confusing information, the pursuit of online tutoring can result in steadily increasing classroom success. By working one-on-one with your child, an Online Tutor will be able to identify points of weakness and focus on the areas where your child needs the most help.

Varying the Environment

In some cases, your shy child’s hesitance to ask questions at school may be due to environmental pressures specific to their Teacher or classroom. Children who are uncomfortable around their instructors or peers will have a more difficult time speaking up in class, but interaction with a private Tutor can change everything!

If you’re a parent wondering how to help a shy child or who justifies your child’s declining school performance by saying, “My child is shy,” start browsing the number of capable Online Tutors today. It may be just the boost your child needs. Browse through our list of Online Tutors now. 

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