Having intimacy issues in your marriage?

See how online counseling can help.

26 March

While you might find it invasive to be asked about your sex life, it's nonetheless a topic that you and your partner should discuss openly, frankly, and transparently from time to time. 

This is especially the case if you both have different expectations not only about what constitutes intimacy but also about how much intimacy is needed to achieve fulfillment.

According to one study, couples who report minimal sexual satisfaction say that sex contributes between 50% and 70%of their satisfaction overall with their partner. But couples who have a high level of sexual satisfaction report that it accounts for 15% to 20% of their relationship satisfaction overall. Another study shows that 1.3% of married men, as well as 2.6% of married women between 18 years old and 59 years old, had not engaged in sex within the last year.

In the event that you are facing intimacy issues and are having difficulty resolving them on your own, you should consider online marriage counseling to resolve your problems. Intimacy issues can have different root causes, and an expert can help you to identify and fix them.

There are some tangible benefits to considering online couples counseling to deal with intimacy issues that, if not fixed, could lead to serious harm to the relationship.

Here are some of them:


One of the primary benefits of marriage counseling online is that it's truly accessible. Whether you live in a rural area, a city, or a suburb, you can take advantage of a professional Marriage Counselor Online. All you need is the Internet, a computer or a tablet, and some time to participate. It’s also an ideal solution if you or your partner have any mobility issues that might otherwise make it difficult to go to a Counselor’s office for in-office marriage counseling.


Do you and your partner have a busy life that would make it difficult to schedule a time for you both to go to sessions? Getting marriage counseling online could be the perfect solution. You won’t have to hire a babysitter to take care of the kids, won’t have to pile into the car, won’t have to endure traffic, and won’t have to sit in waiting from ahead of your actual appointment. You can work with the Counselor to find counseling slots that fit you and your partner. So plan around your schedule and get the help you need from the comfort of your own home.


It’s possible that either you or your partner might prefer to not have to sit in a counselor’s office for sessions to deal with intimacy issues. Being able to do Online Couples Counseling, where neither you nor your partner needs to be in the counselor’s office, might make it easier to get the help you need. Whether you do the sessions at the kitchen table, in the living room, or in a home office, you can have some peace of mind and a greater level of comfort.

Intimacy in a relationship is important, so problems on this front should be dealt with. If you and your partner are experiencing intimacy issues and want to explore consulting with a professional counselor, be sure to consider Online Marriage Counseling with WikiExpert, view our list of therapists.

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