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For many high school students, there is nothing worse than being assigned a school project. Perhaps it’s the idea of partnering with others that makes students’ skin crawl, or maybe it’s the sheer size and scope of the project that can be so intimidating. We understand why these projects might be dreaded, but we have good news, too.

School projects don’t have to be difficult! Instead, we encourage students to get creative and have fun with their math, English, and science projects. 

Whether you’ve been assigned a group project or an individual one, an Online Tutor is here to help with a few tips about how to prepare, complete and present a project successfully.

Carefully read the project requirements.

First things first—the beginnings of every A+ project include a thorough investigation of the project requirements. This will put you on the right track to begin working toward exactly what your teacher wants to see. It will also prevent you from having to make major adjustments or even start over midway through a project.

If your teacher has provided you with a grading rubric, pay careful attention to the criteria that will yield the highest grade. Then, aim to achieve each of those points!

Brainstorm topics and collect ideas.

The most important decision you can make about your project is choosing which topic you’ll use. We recommend choosing a topic that you’re passionate and excited about. This way, working on your project won’t be such a drag! This is where you can get creative, too—while you’re considering project ideas, make a list for the most creative project ideas you can come up with.

If you think you’re getting stuck, that might be a sign you need to do some extra research for additional inspiration.

Book a session with an Online Tutor.

Online tutoring is a great way for students to tackle their project from start to finish, as a Tutor can work closely with them to make sure they have chosen an appropriate idea, that they stick with the project’s requirements, and that they can feel adequately prepared to present a project with confidence and expertise.

Whether you need help with a freshman project or senior project ideas, Online Tutors are ready and waiting to help! Contact one today to find out how they can work with you on a regular basis to help you make your next project the best it can be. Browse through our list of Online Tutors, message them for free and book a session.

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