Grow, Learn, Heal

Let's focus on preventing the creation of fearful attachments, in any circumstances that seems to evoke pain,

Let's focus on preventing the creation of fearful attachments. In any circumstances that seems to evoke pain, you can choose the path of peace by asking yourself :"What's the positive lesson within this situation?" Your Better Self will answer you : " Each event and relationship offers the opportunity to grow learn and heal.

Grow by taking actions that you feel pleased with. Such as telling the truth, setting firm boundaries, or seeing everything through loving eyes. 

Learn by seeing the pattern within recurring events that you've experienced. For instance, you may gain knowledge about how to be patient, compassionate and strong during this situations

Heal through your willingness to forgive yourself and the others and the situation, releasing you from carrying around any corrosive energy of anger.

Instead of judging yourself and the others view everyone compassionately. Understand the lessons within recurring events, break un healthful patterns. 

Accept the gift gave by The Universe with every relationship and see the good lesson within every situation. Be opened in finding the gift from The Universe within everything today. This is like putting flowers together in a beautiful bouquet. 

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