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Many high school math students fear geometry due to its heavy focus on logic and reasoning rather than more straightforward mathematical concepts. The introduction of geometry shapes as mathematical entities is also unfamiliar territory for most students fresh out of algebra classes, making geometry a challenging adjustment.

We’ve outlined a few tips below which can help students to tackle their fears and gain confidence in the study of geometry instead of just running in circles. Puns aside, let’s take a look!

Create a geometry formula sheet.

Part of the reason why geometry is so daunting for some students is because of the large number of formulas that require memorization. As students solve problems in class and at home, it is invaluable to have a reference sheet in order to quickly and methodically find the necessary formulas.

While numerous premade formula sheets exist online, we would argue that it’s more beneficial for a student to make their own formula sheet. The act of writing down these formulas and processing their importance can’t be overstated.

Get artistic.

At the basis of algebraic geometry is, of course, an understanding of geometric shapes. Because these shapes are so crucial to understanding both spatial and mathematical concepts associated with geometric problem solving, you can benefit hugely from getting a bit artistic.

When creating formula sheets, taking notes, or solving problems, don’t be afraid to draw with purpose. Make shapes large for the clearest notes, and use these illustrations to work through each question and concept.

Practice, practice, practice.

The key to success in any mathematics class is to solve as many problems as you possibly can. While this may be tedious, students will find that problem solving comes more naturally to them the longer that they persevere.

Ask for help.

The most successful students will understand that it’s a must to ask for help at the first signs of confusion! Falling behind in geometry may happen abruptly, so instead of ignoring their concerns, students should consider working with an online math tutor for personalized help. This individualized attention is invaluable as these students complete homework assignments and study for tests.

Thanks to the ease and simplicity of online math tutoring, accessing geometry help online is more convenient than ever before. Students are free to contact any Tutor in our catalog, all of whom are ready and waiting to share their geometry enthusiasm and expertise. Sign up today so that you don’t fall behind later! Browse through our list of Online Math Tutors and book a session.

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