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21 August

Plenty of kids struggle with math, particularly due to its abstract concepts and its tendency to require solid foundations prior to further progression. This means that it’s easy to fall behind, and once a child is struggling, it can be difficult to get back up to speed.

Studies have shown that 7% of students struggle with a learning disability in mathematics, while an additional 1 in 10 children and adolescents demonstrates consistently low levels of achievement in mathematics. This research also points out that adults with poor mastery of mathematics are more likely to have trouble with employment and daily living.

So, what happens if your child is having trouble with math or needs homework help? For a number of reasons, online tutoring is one of the best interventions to help kids struggling through their math courses—we’ve listed three of these reasons below.


Whereas hectic schedules and travel times may hinder the effectiveness of a physical tutoring location, parents who pursue math tutoring online can worry less about scheduling and transportation. Because Online Tutors can meet whenever works best for you, you and your child can focus more on academic success rather than complex calendars.

Have a math homework or upcoming test emergency? The abundance of expert Math Tutors available online means that a Teacher can be ready to meet with your child whenever they’re needed.


One of the best parts of working with an Online Math Tutor is that thanks to the flexibility provided by the internet, distance learning is no problem. No high-quality math tutoring in your area? Don’t sweat it! With a huge variety of Tutors available online, you can rest assured that you’re accessing instruction of the highest quality.

By emulating your child’s classroom environment, live online math tutoring can help them build the confidence necessary to excel in school and beyond. Online Tutors are familiar with what works, and they’ll know exactly how to foster newfound courage and a passion for learning in your child and it can help them to overcome their fear of math. 

Individualized attention

The power of personalized online math tutoring can’t be overstated. By learning individually with a Tutor, your child will be able to work diligently on only the problems they don’t understand—no time will be wasted with concepts your child has already mastered!

Plus, this opportunity for custom learning means that your child can receive help on specific homework problems, leading them toward success and higher grades in their own classrooms.

To see how these online tutoring advantages can help your child excel in math, sign them up for their first online tutoring session. We know that you won’t be disappointed with the results. Browse through our list of Online Math Tutors now.

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