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Are you stressed about heading back to school after the winter holiday? Here are some back to school tips for you!

Getting back to school after the holidays can be difficult. For me, getting back into the appropriate headspace is the most difficult part. I don't want to go back to being productive and having to do things every day. Here are some tips to get yourself into the back-to-school mentality you need to be successful this semester.

First, I make a list of all the classes I have, and what supplies I will need. Being in my last semester, there aren't too many things I need that I don't have already, but I went ahead and made a list anyway. Other than a new planner, a new pack of pens, and some paper, I really didn't need much. Some things you may want to consider investing in would also be highlighters, sticky notes, paper clips, or even those little tabs that you can stick onto pages in your textbooks. After making said list, I go through what I have, and buy what I still need and get organized. I section out my binders, divide my paper, and get my planner straightened out. Each class has its own color pen that I use to manage assignments, appointments, projects, etc. I then pack my things into my backpack, andI feel materialistically ready to go.

As my main focus this semester is my internship, I went ahead and prepared myself a lunchbox. I know that I won't have time (or money to be honest) to stop and get lunch in the middle of my day. I was fortunate to receive a lunchbox as a gift for Christmas this year but I went ahead and prepped it for my first week. I put the tupperware I would need for my food (typically a sandwich, some kind of snack like cheez-its or goldfish, and some vegetables/fruits etc.) and isolated it into my lunch box. You may think that is a little much, but I am also a mom so tupperware is scarce if I'm not careful after meal prepping. Separating it makes it easy for me to pack my lunch the night before, and clean it when I'm done so I can use it repeatedly without worrying about waiting for my dishwasher to finish on time for me to make my lunch before I go to bed.

This leads me to my next tip: Meal prep. It may sound like a lot of work, but prepping meals can save a lot of time during the week. Make a list of things you like to eat/cook, and spend your Sunday (or whichever day works best for you) cooking your meals. Store your food in the freezer to prevent them from going bad, and the night before put what you want in the fridge so it can thaw. Then, pack it in your lunch box and you're good to go! Doing this cuts out time during my week so I can focus on my school work and am able to study instead of having to make dinner.

The last tip I have is to create a study/homework schedule. It can be tedious, but planning your day to have time dedicated to your work can help keep you from falling behind. It can also help you manage any procrastination habits you may have. For more information on types of procrastination and how to manage, refer to my previous article: The Truth About Procrastination.

I hope this article was helpful, and good luck!

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