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This page is, ironically, ugly as hell.

These are some of my notes and rants on design and presentation: some good, some bad, some just interesting. See also workshop


If you need a logo, there are some great resources out there. Two of my favorite sites for logo design (and redesign) are:


had a long (50+ slide) show, but it was actually good...

Telling Story


well, you asked for it. Carve out and hour and watch all of these, preferably at home in a nice comfortable chair. Tell me if this blows your mind or what....

--A Vision of Students Today ~5 Minutes (the one I was talking about)

(BTW, we spend 15,220 years ----------A DAY------------- on facebook, as a society---8 billion minutes PER DAY.)

Teaching Teaching and Understanding Understanding (Even better. probably the best video I have ever seen. Ever. ~19 Minutes long)

Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us - ~11 Minutes

 The Candle Problem ~19 minutes long Learning styles don’t exist.

Given “X” Solve for “Y” (given “peder” solve for the “organization”) The question is, what should I be doing that scales?

Penmanship in education:

Wiki skins and Templates

here are the links to templates. find one you like, and we can get started on another project!

Good Looking Covers for you Computer



Presentation Stuff

  • NPR Radio Lab
  • Comedy
  • Aram Boyd

Screen Recording



Buy 5 hours of my time for $625


(registered 501(c)3 corporations) for $562.50. Customized to your needs.

Single Hour

Buy 1 hour of my time for $175.00. Customized to your needs.

Retained Services

You can buy one hour of retained services per month from me for $110 USD. Minimum 6 month contract, no carry over. For larger blocks of time, contact me.